February 28, 2021
Samsung introduces new accessibility features for TV experience - Video

Samsung introduces new accessibility features for TV experience – Video

I feel deal green fluff, but to actually read
This allows my daughter to see called or is that secret and see before this technology is really great for us,
For people with low vision, we developed a color in version.
It changes the graphic menu into contrast color.
Leaving the video SS, it looks simple.
But to enable this technology, we have to start by re engineering the chipset.
I love this function, it’s way easier to look at the menu It’s really clear what I’m on, what I’m choosing, where I’m going.
I’ve never had that before.
Then there’s audio description, so you can hear actors gestures and expressions being described to you.
This opens up new experiences for people, who couldn’t appreciate movies and TV series before.
You can, this is such a great way to understand the scenes better.
It’s not just about the screen.
Something as ordinary as a remote control can feel totally unfamiliar.
We made it easier to operate remote controls as well.
And to learn remote control mode,each time you press the button.
It will tell you what that does.
Users can listen and quickly memorize the location of each button.
And voice guide lets you know the current channel and volume level.
All right, I be, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Samsung on correcting this range of accessible TVs and the feedback we’ve had from our customers has been absolutely incredible.
It’s the first time that blind and partially sighted people can use the whole of the Smart TV independently.
In 2020.
We awarded Samsung TV with our accessibility accreditation.
Their dedicated efforts have improved the lives of many We also offer technology for the deaf magnify the sign language area by up to 200%.
It’s literally there on the screen you can see the signing really clearly on a facial expression too, it’s really easy to understand.
You can magnify the sign language area by up to 200%.
That clarity was really great.
Separate the captions so they don’t cover the text of the video.
Finally, they have to see that you can move the captions below the image, which means I can see what’s going on on the screen.
And also the tab is large as well.
So that’s perfect.
We seek a solution for every inconvenience through our technology.
That’s because we don’t want to exclude anyone.
Our technology is for everyone.
Including people like me.

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