February 25, 2021
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 gets cheaper, louder for CES - Video

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 gets cheaper, louder for CES – Video

In a mid sized family, you may be buying two or three or four laptops.
And very often a Chromebook is the best way to get a device that has decent performance.
The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook line, they start at 549.
There’s an upgraded model for 699.
And it’s a lot more laptops than you get for buying a five or $550 Windows laptop.
We’re still gonna get something that feels very plasticky and frankly, pretty sluggish most of the time, whereas for five or $600, you can get a pretty premium Chromebook again, like this version, the second version.
It’s called the galaxy Chromebook two Now the big differences between this new version the Chromebook two and last year’s of written galaxy Chromebook is that they’ve taken the screen here and it is now what they call a cue lab screen that Samsung’s name for one of your screen technologies and you’ll find the same cue LED screens and a lot of their TVs.
So that’s now built in here on the laptop as well.
Also, we’ve got Wi Fi six because we’re moving into a Wi Fi six world.
One interesting thing I learned about the galaxy Chromebook two is that it is notably louder than many other similar size laptops and one of the complaints that people have especially about small laptops, Even expensive small laptops like a MacBook or something that frankly they don’t get very loud and the audio quality is often not very good, especially when you’re down around five $600 You can’t expect a lot especially from a very thin laptop like this.
But having some additional amplification inside to make things louder.
I’m not gonna say they’re gonna sound great but especially if you’re doing remote learning and all the kids in the class are talking at the same time or the teacher doesn’t have a good connection or a good microphone which I see all the time.
Getting a little more loudness out of your very thin laptop.
You know, get can’t go wrong with that.
I also like that again, for this, sort of mid priced product, you get something that is not just a laptop, it’s what we call a two in one and that’s a laptop that has a special set of 360 degree hinges so you can fold it flat like this.
And you’re all the way around like this.
So you can use this in tablet mode for reading or video viewing.
I like to set these up a lot of the time like this, I call this kind of a kiosk mode where the keyboard is on the bottom.
It’s deactivated when you fold it like this and you just stick it down like this and you have an adjustable screen that looks more like a standalone display.
So if you’re watching a movie or playing a game, this is a good or watching a school lecture, frankly This is a good way to do that.
That’s my favorite thing I think to do with these two in one devices.
Of the Samsung galaxy Chromebook too, it is a step up for entry-level Chromebooks, but it’s less expensive So they’ve been premium windows laptops.
And I think if you’re looking to spend five, six, maybe a little more $100 on a device you can use all day, every day and not feel frustrated with and not feel like it’s not comfortable when it’s too plasticky.
A Chromebook is generally where a lot of people are starting off these days.
Something we’ve really discovered over the past three quarters of a year.
I think that’s gonna continue to be true in 2021 and the Intel Celeron version of the galaxy Chromebook two at $550.
The Intel Core II three version which should be pretty Zippy frankly, is 699 and they will both be out sometime in q1 of 2021,

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