March 9, 2021
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro have totally new design - Video

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro have totally new design – Video

Here they are folks, most of the info leaked already but the galaxy buds pro have now officially been revealed.
They’re available now for $200 in three colour options and yes, they have Active Noise Cancelling.
I can’t tell you how they sound or fit yet.
So this is by no means a review all those comparisons you’re looking for and whether it’s worth upgrading from the earlier galaxy buds, plus That’ll come in a later video,it’ll be much better, I promise
So the first thing I’ll say is that if you were hoping for an upgraded noise canceling version of the galaxy buds plus, this isn’t quite it, at least from a design standpoint Samsung didn’t take that old design and put some new guts in it.
No, he went ahead and created a totally new earbud with new drivers.
It sort of seems like a cross between the galaxy buds plus and the galaxy buds live while the earbuds look different from the other Live the case seems to be the same or very similar to the case for the bus live.
It has USBC and wireless charging.
But it’s coming three color options is boring to just call them black, silver and pink So as usual Samsung added a little zest one with Phantom black, silver, and pink.
They are fully waterproof with an IP x seven rating.
That’s the highest rating yet for a set of Samsung earbuds.
Along with the Active Noise Cancelling, which is adjustable, you get an ambient mode lets you hear the outside world as well as a couple of notable bonus features.
The first recognises when you’re talking and automatically lowers the volume of your music and fires up ambient mode.
So you can have a chat with someone.
It’s the same feature that’s on Sony’s wh 1000 x Mark four over here noise cancelling headphones, and it’s pretty cool unless you talk out loud to yourself a lot.
In that case, you want to turn it off in the app.
The feature works with all Android phones, not just Samsung galaxy models, but it isn’t supported with Apple iOS devices.
That’s because unlike the galaxy buds, plus in galaxy buds live these ear buds, don’t link up with the galaxy buds app for iOS.
I don’t know, but sorry, iPhone.
The other bonus feature is something similar to Apple’s spatial audio virtual surround feature.
It’s called 360 audio.
Samsung says it features Dolby head tracking technology, which enables you to stay at the center of the scene when you’re watching a movie or TV show.
Like with previous galaxy buds, there’s also a low latency gaming mode.
And the earbuds will automatically switch between your Galaxy devices.
But there’s no true multipoint Bluetooth pairing for switching between, say, computer And your phone and these don’t support the aptech streaming audio codec for those who care about that.
The only issue with the 360 audio is it currently only works with the brand new Galaxy S21 models.
And it isn’t available yet for legacy Samsung smartphones and tablets, that’ll happen down the road.
And sadly it doesn’t work with any non Samsung Android devices.
This is a galaxy exclusive feature.
Samsung told me it’s focused a lot on the sound quality.
It says the galaxy buds pro offer a more comprehensive sound, sporting an 11 millimeter woofer for deeper bass and a 6.5 millimeter tweeter for Richard treble, They also should be good for making calls based on my experience with the buds plus and buds live.
Samsung says they have three microphones plus a voice pickup unit that’s called a GPU and they’re equipped with noise reduction technology that helps.
helps eliminate wind noise in particular, battery life with noise cancelling on may seem a bit disappointing to budds plus owners.
You can get up to five hours of playback at moderate volume lows and up to eight with noise cancelling off.
that’s similar to what you get from other noise cancelling buds like the AirPods Pro.
Well, that’s it for now, as I said, stay tuned for the full review.
I’m David Caray for CNET.
Thanks for watching and let me know what you think about the galaxy buds pro in the comment section below.

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