March 1, 2021
S21 Ultra camera features improved dynamic range - Video

S21 Ultra camera features improved dynamic range – Video

We build studio quality camera gear right into the device are for cutting edge lenses give you an enhanced visual experience and open up a world of possibilities.
The support of precise laser autofocus 108 megapixel wide lens broadens the scope of what you can capture The 12 megapixel ultra wide lens adds more detail to every picture you take.
With our enhanced AI, the brand new tool tele lens system creates a breakthrough in zoom quality, our hardware and software teams work together to build a camera experience.
Unlike any other.
This is a true pro camera and we’re so excited to tell you more about it.
We carry our smartphones all the time, where ever we go with a posing for a family portrait capturing incredible landscape, or even something unexpected.
We naturally reach for our smartphone.
And in all of these moments, we want to capture the best.
high quality photos and videos every time but this can be difficult depending on the environment and lighting conditions.
songza our goal is to help everyone take full quality photos and videos no matter the environment.
It all starts with our most advanced imaging sensor.
The Galaxy S 21 Ultra has powerful camera experiences starts with its upgraded 108 megapixel image sensor it’s optimized to elevate image quality for various shooting in.
in situations with Apple lighting, Remosaic technology, maximizes resolution, which will produce stunning photos by rearranging and optimizing all of the cameras.
108 million pixels, according to RGB, Bayer patterns.
The Galaxy S21 ultras new demosaic algorithm uses two times more pixels than before to create images with more clarity, detail and sense of texture.
Low lighting situations provide a more challenging Environments.
When pixels do not receive enough light images produced noise, irregular grainy spots that distort the image.
Enter groundbreaking known of binning technology.
At the center stage, a set of nine pixels are combined into one larger Excellent increasing each pixel surface area for capturing light.
This ensures the sensor gets enough light to produce bright, detailed photos, even in darker environments and an extreme darkness when even the human eyes struggles to see the <inaudible> ultra sensor uses AI for a powerful night mode experience.
</inaudible> With one press of the shutter, multiple frames are processed at incredible speeds to eliminate noise and blur.
Then, countless reams of data collected by the sensor are processed by an internal a ISP algorithm to identify and preserve the subjects true shape and color cullerton All this is possible even in conditions of extreme darkness under 0.1 Lux the results are stunning.
In the case of backlighting, especially when the subject is in motion, groundbreaking 12 bit HDR combines to simultaneously captured 10 bit frames, Into a single 12 bit output.
This process not only eliminates motion blur, but also produces dynamic range three times wider than that of 10 bit color.
Extra ordinary hardware sets the foundation to capture professional party images in any situation.
But hardware is only half the story.
Offer software maximizes the strengths and benefits of our incredible hardware.
Zoom photography is one area where this harmony of hardware and software turns your picture into a masterpiece.
Let’s say you own a high end you’ve come across an amazing view, but you can actually get to the other side.
What would you do?
Would you give up?
Well, you don’t need to, because I was Fazio will take you there.
These are the kinds of moments that inspire our technology.
It is this tight integration of innovative hardware and powerful software that allows us to realize our vision.
Galaxy S 21,space on the Galaxy S 21 Ultra is a turning point in the zoom experience offering superb clarity between one and 100 times zoom to improve image quality in the one to 10 times zoom range, innovative dual zoom combines mid range three times optical zoom with long distance 10 times optical zoom to provide an optimized and balanced range of choices.
But fitting 10 times optical zoom into the slim body of a smartphone, it’s not easy to make this possible Two precise folds are incorporated into the lens design to minimize thickness and length.
Mirrors direct light across sharp angles and pathways to produce pro level magnification without the need for more lens equipment.
The end result is a powerful yet compact Double folded lens.
That fits perfectly within a small space from ten to 100 times zoom.
Image quality is boosted by powerful super resolution AI.
At one push of the shutter up to 20 frames are captured and processed at instantaneous speeds.
Advanced AI then evaluates and corrects 1000s of fine details to produce detailed images.
Even at high magnification levels and when shooting at high magnifications zoom lock uses intelligent software to set the image in place so you can shoot with minimal shake.
The Galaxy S 21 Ultra provides hardware and software excellence up to 100 times Zoom.
But the zoom experience covers more than just long distance shooting.
The four lens optical system provides a range of optimized focal length, including one for intense macro shots.
The S 21 ultras camera uses its laser autofocus sensor to measure the distance between lens and subject.
Checked in real time.
If an object within 30 centimeters is detected, the camera automatically switches to the new 12 megapixel ultra wide lens now with autofocus, and applies optimal macro settings for extreme close ups up to five centimeters into Distance.
Combining top of the line hardware with groundbreaking newly evolved software, the Galaxy S21 Ultra captures incredible details all with just a press of the shutter.

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