April 13, 2021
Rumors about AirPods 3 are getting louder - Video

Rumors about AirPods 3 are getting louder – Video

This image claims to short Apple’s air pods three.
This is everything we know.
Now Apple’s air pods are some of the most popular wireless ear buds out there.
So it’s no surprise that every time we see a new leak or a rumor hit the internet Well, everyone gets a little bit excited.
Now this set of images comes from a site called tasty to audio And they claim to show the third generation Apple AirPods.
Now, this would be a replacement for the second generation AirPods.
Those ones that sit in your ear with the elongated stem as opposed to the $250 inputs for that have active noise cancellation and that more compact I guess head dry design.
So as you can see from these images, the new airports supposedly look a little closer to the airports pro than the older airports that we know because the stems are a bit shorter And the case also looks a little bit more compact, but I would say it’s kind of halfway between the old airports case which is kind of shaped a little bit like dental floss, and the newer airports procase, which is more of a rectangular shape.
The report also mentioned that the stems might no longer be clickable like they are on the AirPods Pro.
Instead, there’ll be some sort of touch sensitive panels, kind of similar to how the airports work, but with maybe a little bit Different functionality in how you tap to press them for example, and also something to be aware of if you are a fan of the regular airports and how they fit is that this report does look like the Input three might have interchangeable tips just like the airport’s Pro.
So, that might be something that you are a little bit concerned about if you’re a fan of the just the inner design of the airports that sit and rest in your ear rather than the in ear Ear canal style of the interchangeable tips with the AirPod Pro.
Now also this report and these images seem to correlate somewhat with some previous reports that we’ve heard earlier about the third generation AirPods.
Now from Bloomberg earlier in 2020.
We heard a report saying That Apple was working on an update to the entry level airports with a more similar design that brings them closer to the airports Pro.
And even before that, in 2020 Apple analyst Ming Chico did released a report saying That Apple will be working on the third generation air pods with some similar features to the airport’s Pro, including a system in package that would be kinda the same as the airport’s pro very similar which means that audio quality is Maybe comparable.
Now as with some other things that to expect while active noise cancellation i think is pretty much off the cards for the entry level air pods.
Battery life as well looks to be around five hours which is about the same as the current airports pro at their maximum capacity and everything else likes Spatial audio, which is that mode that we first saw in iOS 14 that uses the accelerometer and the gyroscopes inside the earbuds and the device you’re listening to, to give you that virtual surround sound experience looks to be present.
On the third generation air pods, but all this aside, this is all rumour conjecture.
And we don’t have any official word yet on things like price or release date, even though it does make sense that the march timeframe is coming up, which is traditionally one of Apple’s release months.
So I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a new set of air pods released around then.
But given that the episodes pro and episodes max were just released without much fanfare in a press release, maybe we’ll see the air pods the regular version, get the same treatment.
Okay, rumours leaks aside, I wanna talk about some top three things I want to say on the new air pods my wish list and of course I would love to hear yours.
Number one, I would like to see better quick switching.
Now this is the mode that basically lets you toggle quickly between different devices signed into the same Apple ID.
It works some of the time.
Other times, especially when I’m on a Mac.
It doesn’t quite get it right all the time.
So I’m constantly having to look And making sure that my airports are connected when I am switching between devices.
Number two, what about ultra wideband that you want chip that we’ve seen in the iPhone I think this is a great opportunity for Apple to use the yuan chip.
Maybe in to improve that quick switching feature.
Imagine because of that accurate location based technology.
You could actually turn your head and, you on chip would know where you’re pointing and be able to switch between the device that you’re actually looking at or facing.
That would be pretty cool.
Number three, what about.
Battery life.
But I guess that’s kind of a no brainer.
I want to see that on every new generation of device.
I don’t really want it to stay the same, if I can help it.
So that’s my wish list of the new air pods three, the generation air pods, it’s probably likely that they’ll just be cold air pods, and they’ll just be the third generation like we saw with these second generation efforts.
They went cold it was too So, I’m expecting the episodes to be released, as I said, hopefully around that March timeframe.
Anyway, there’s plenty more Apple news and rumours coming your way soon.
So make sure you hit subscribe and stay tuned to CNET.
We’ll have all of the latest news and I will see you next time.

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