February 28, 2021
ROG unveils mechanical Claymore II keyboard at CES 2021 - Video

ROG unveils mechanical Claymore II keyboard at CES 2021 – Video

Back in 2016, we announced the iconic Archie Claymore a gaming keyboard with a unique detachable numpad and today we’re redefining that icon with Rog Claymore two,
Let’s take a closer look at the detachable numpad, When it’s time to play FPS games, you can switch it to the left or right of the keyboard to give you a mousing hand more room to maneuver.
Or if you prefer a smaller 80% TKL keyboard, you can remove the numbpad completely.
The numb pad has four fully customizable keys to perfect your setup and you can even map hotkeys and matros under the number of keys.
And this gives you numerous macros for MMORPGs at your fingertips.
Claymore II also includes the new ROG RX Blue Optical Mechanical Switches.
These switches features a 1.5 millimeter actuation point to give you lightning fast inputs that are much faster than traditional mechanical boot switches.
65 grand actuation force provides a very satisfying clicky and snappy response that blue switches server will enjoy.
The RG RX blue switches provide 65% less key wobble and 50% more consistent keystrokes.
When compared to traditional mechanical blue switches.
It can also be specified with ArcGIS rad Claim more tools can be used in wired mode with the bundle USB type C to type C cable.
Alternatively, you can use the 2.4 gigahertz wireless dongle to connect to your PC.
to maximise your game time.
rG r&d engineers combined an energy efficient design with a 4000 milliamp hour battery for up to 40 hours of gameplay on a single job.
In addition, just 30 minutes of fast charging lets you play for up to 18 hours with this detectable non path to mode connectivities.
Our two optical mechanical switches and fast charge functions are to claim or to gives you unmatched levels of versatility and exciting new ways to play.
And no need to hurry.
You have time to hands on later.
I got one more secret weapon to show you.
Our Jeep Gladiator Three wireless is the latest addition to our Gladius Gaming Mouse range.
It features tri mode connectivity Including 2.4 gigahertz RF for almost zero latency for unmatched responsiveness.
And just 89 grams is 30% lighter than the previous generation.
It’s also got an upgraded 19,000 DPI sensor.
Special RGB side markings feature embedded RGBs for spectacular load ROG Gladius 3 wireless features the new pushfit switches socket two, unlike previous design that only support mechanical microswitches.
Pushfit switches socket two supports both three pin mechanical and five pin omraam optical micro switches to suit your preferences.
It also reduces microswitch shaping to provide a solid field To recap, our geografia three wireless features tri mode connectivity, whose face which is socket to any paired with 19,000 DPI optical sensor.
There’s also a wired version for gamers preference

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