February 28, 2021
Robotic pets of CES 2021 purr, wag and squeal - Video

Robotic pets of CES 2021 purr, wag and squeal – Video

It wouldn’t be CES without the debut of some awesomely cocky robots.
But even in the robot category, there is a sub-category of robotic pets.
I’m CNET Kara Tsuboi, here to show you all sorts of cute and cuddly bots that you can soon adopt into your home.
Meet the mouflon.
At first glance, it looks something like a hamster or guinea pig or some other bizarre furry mammal.
But then you realize it doesn’t have any legs or mouth or ears or really any anatomical parts.
That would make it look like a real animal.
But those squeals and that strange snuggling movement.
It’s almost convincing of a real pet.
The palm sized mouflon is an A iPad with eight hours of battery life and removable, washable fur, and over time it will develop its own unique personality like real animals.
Yeah, personality would depend on the environment and how their owners treat them.
And by creating an algorithm that analyses changes in their environment through sensors,
The muslin was first introduced on Kickstarter where it raised more than $600,000 of pledged interest.
Designed to be a pet therapy device for elder care asleep assistant and an educational tool.
The Muslim will cost $400 and shipped this spring.
While the Muslim may lack a tail, the Kubo is all tail, a tail wagging therapeutic cushion.
In fact, the coupon has been around for a couple of years but freshly on the market is the petite Kubo.
With even more lifelike features than the original model.
The tail still lags in response to petting.
But in addition, it also reacts to the surrounding soundscape.
So for example loud noises or Voice in addition to give it a more lifelike feel it has a subtle heartbeat you can feel what you’re petting it or lying next to it.
The cool bows are touted as having similar healing and soothing effects to owning a real pet.
In a found homes with many senior citizens, that allergy sufferers, and single dwellers.
The petite Kubo comes in four colours and costs $110 while the original size costs $149.
If you’re the kind of person who prefers their robotic pets able to walk around the house and greet you at the door Then perhaps the my cat is for you.
It’s like the feline version of Sony’s AIBO robotic dog.
But this AI kitty cat is smarter than it looks and can recognize 100 different faces, different voices, and even different emotions through analyzing its owner’s facial expressions and tone of voice.
And the way you treat it will shape its personality over time.
The My cat can work with or without Wi Fi, clocks in around two and a half pounds and runs for a couple of hours on a single charge.
And just like a real house cat, its days are divided into periods of activity followed by plenty of cats.
Naps reserve your, my cat through a Kickstarter campaign coming this summer.
They’re expected to ship in the fall for the price of $1,000.
I’m Carla Sue boy with CNET.

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