February 25, 2021
Robosen K1 robot can flip, fight, and get funky to teach programming - Video

Robosen K1 robot can flip, fight, and get funky to teach programming – Video

This is the K One Interstellar robot.
Hey K One.
I’m here
Say hello
Hello, I am K One.
This is a programmable robot.
Action established, start programming.
You’re getting ahead of yourself here.
This is a robot that you can program and it also answers to voice commands and has 17 different servo motors.
So it’s got some serious moves.
Do you know kung fu?
To control it, I have to use its app.
The app is for Android and Apple.
So there are a few ways to play on the app to learn programming in different ways.
The whole idea is that it’s gets you curious.
It gets you tinkering.
And the more you poke around, the more you learn it’s really basic or advanced, depending on how far you want to go with it.
Or you could just use it as a remote control.
Like I could just move them up and down go this way, little shuffle shuffle, a little double punch.
A couple fun things here like augmented reality so I could.
Actually turned my camera to be able to see him and make a little video if I wanted to.
So that’s kind of cool.
I could record a video of him doing some moves.
We got funky wiggle, we got cyberpunk with cyberpunk.
In other words, so the opportunity cost of you attending this morning is based on what students have told me in the past.
I’m going to assume it’s sleep.
You know, maybe working out I don’t know, your second best option.
And I’m just going to randomly pick a few things here is to be totally random and see what happens.
And I have to unlock That’s interesting.
You have to do some basic programming before you can unlock some of the preset fun moves.
I like that, let’s program something with voice commands.
Close combat, [SOUND] twist ****, post to take off, ready to strafe, mountain running, executing.
Just programmed a robot.
Now this isn’t the first robot we’ve seen from Robo sin early last year.
I got to check out The T nine it was at the New York Toy Fair.
And this thing transformed into a vehicle that you could drive around.
It was a real life transformers.
Now the K one here doesn’t transform into a car because the company wanted to create something at a lower price point.
But the company did put a lot more effort into different ways.
You could program, the K one, it’s app to get a little bit more of the backstory behind the K one and to see what’s coming up next for the company.
I spoke with john Wong of Robeson, not everyone’s gonna take it and pull rhyming into it.
So stay tuned.
We like to make it easy for people to slowly get into it.
So the key one is Sosa voice command, you can voice program to robot by asking k one to move forward.
You move back jump to push up and have it execute and store those program and have it run if any equipment for any computer or mobile devices to program it.
The first units of the K 1 are shipping later this month.
Now the prices are going to vary.
I have here the pro model that’s the model in gray.
It has the most features when it comes to voice commands.
And it’s going to retail at $300 but there will be less expensive versions.
In my short time with the K1, this thing is pretty cool I got to say definitely got the kids interested.
What’s a CES without a robot dance party?
Let’s break it down.
Go carry one.
I think he’s proposing to me

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