January 24, 2021
Ram 1500 TRX vs. Ford Raptor: Clash of the dirt dinosaurs - Video

Ram 1500 TRX vs. Ford Raptor: Clash of the dirt dinosaurs – Video

The Ford F 150 Raptor has long been the fastest, most badass off road truck on the market.
But RAM is looking to take a lethal bite out of that Raptors market share with the new TRS.
So how do these two lizard kings stack up?
You know the drill people.
Let’s go through the specs Now the TRS is only available as a crew cab so to match that we’re looking at the Raptor in Ford SuperCrew configuration.
It’s worth noting that an updated Ford Raptor will be available in 2021.
But the 2020 model year is what we have now.
So that’s what we’re using.
Let’s start with the price and see if the specs live up to the amount of coin you’re gonna have to fair favour.
The 2021 Ram trs starts at $71,690, including $1,695 for destination, but y’all that is just the starting price.
Meanwhile, the Raptor looks like a veritable bargain starting at $58,135 including 1695 smackeroos for destination You can even save about three grand by opting for the smaller supercab clear winner here folks, you can get dirty for less than a raptor.
But will the TR X be worth the extra cash money?
Let’s continue on, shall we?
The TR X trucks are pretty evenly matched in size.
The TR X has a wheelbase of 145.1 inches The rafter just a smidge longer at 146 inches.
Overall the TR X is 232.9 inches long, the Raptor just an inch shorter at 231.9 inches.
Both trucks are extremely wide 88 inches wide for the TRS 86.3 inches for the rafter.
Meanwhile, the TR x gets a bit taller off the ground at a height of 80.9 inches, the rafter a little bit shorter at 78.5 inches.
The ram trs has a five foot seven inch long box for rafter a little bit shorter at five feet five inches.
Most come to the utility truck stuff pretty good as well.
The Ram with its slighter larger bed has a 53.9 cubic feet of space back there.
The Raptor is at 52.8 cubes, hardly enough to sway anyone one way or the other.
Drivers can haul 1,310 pounds of payload in the TRX Or an even 1200 pounds in the Raptor.
When it comes to towing the TRX can handle 8100 pounds, the Raptor 8000 pounds.
Now all these numbers are really close and frankly I’m not even sure it’s worth arguing about but numbers don’t lie.
The TRX has more room for payload, can haul more weight and it can tow more toys.
Now let’s look at the big one I’m talking engine performance.
This is so exciting.
Ram has followed its tried and true plan of using a 6.2 liter supercharged V eight Hellcat engine to boost sales, while Ford uses a 3.5 liter twin turbocharged V6.
The trs sports 702 Horsepower not quite the full 707 were used to win a Hellcat but I’m not going to quibble.
Meanwhile, the Raptor pushes out a healthy 450 horsepower.
The tr x is pretty torquey with 650 pound feet of it the raptor less so at 510 pounds.
So let’s see which one is quicker to 60 miles per hour.
With more power the ram can go from zero to 60 in 4.5 seconds, the four of you 10 slower at just over five seconds.
Look, the Raptors numbers here are really good.
I mean I’ve never driven one and thought.
This could use more power.
But damn if that TRS doesn’t just blow it right out of the water, that extra juice should make it better in the dunes and provided the suspension is correct.
Make it faster in the woods too, which is why I cannot wait to drive it.
And yep, that leads us to offer geometry.
Now as always, these numbers aren’t the last chapter in offered performance a lot depends on shock tuning and we won’t know how the TRS is set up until we drive it.
But things like approach and departure angles can tell us a lot about a trucks capabilities.
And here are the two are fairly evenly matched.
The ram rests on 35 inch tires with 11.8 inches of ground clearance.
The Ford sits on 30 fours with 11.5 inches of ground Ground tax.
Both have an approach angle of 30.2 degrees, and the breakover angles are pretty well matched, 21.9 degrees in the RAM and 21.8 degrees in the Ford.
The TRX is slightly better right height means it has a better departure angle, 23.5 degrees to an even at 23 degrees in the Raptor.
Again, as in the utility category, these differences are really slight, but even that little tiny bit more of angle can mean the difference between getting stuck and making a clean getaway so gamepoint here to the TRX.
Of course, I really have no idea how the terrorists actually handles in the dirt but I can say for certain that the Raptor can pretty much tackle anything you set in front of it.
However, just looking at the specs of these two battling giant prehistoric monsters, the TR x handily beats out the Raptor

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