January 22, 2021
PS5 launch day retailers, Ring recalls 350,000 video doorbells - Video

PS5 launch day retailers, Ring recalls 350,000 video doorbells – Video

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the PlayStation Five is finally here, but if you didn’t pre order the next Gen console, it might be tricky to score one on launch day until further notice.
Almost every retailer is going on line only for its next Gen console sales.
Some are releasing details on those plans.
For example, Walmart will release a group of PlayStation Fives for online ordering every three hours starting at 900: AM Pacific Time.
On November 12, Smart Home Company Ring is recalling over 350000, ring doorbells over fire concerns.
The company says second generation ring doorbells are specifically affected and using incorrect screws during installation can cause the product’s battery to overheat.
If you own a ring doorbell, you can enter its serial number on rings support website to see if it’s part of the recall.
And finally, Google Photos announced it will bring an end to free unlimited storage.
Starting in June of 2021, users will be given 15 gigabytes of storage, and when that limit is reached they will need to subscribe to a larger monthly storage plan.
Fortunately, any photos or video uploaded before that date will not count against the storage limit, so if you’ve been waiting on uploading any favorite memories, make sure you do so before June 1st of next year.
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