September 18, 2020
Project Power hits Netflix - CNET

Project Power hits Netflix – CNET


Yes, those lights may be using lots of power, but Project Power is about a different kind of power. 

Skip Bolen/Netflix

Welcome back to your guide to finding out what’s new online. Every week, we put together a podcast that lets you know what’s been added to services like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max. The audio is about a minute or two long.

Project Power’s plot revolves around pills that give their users superpowers. The catch? The pills’ effects are unpredictable and the powers last for only 5 minutes. It sounds like a solid premise. 

Since you’re reading this, let’s give you some extra information not found in the podcast: Netflix has a new season of 3%. That’s the dystopian thriller where only 3% of candidates make it to the better side of the world. Sounds like a real feel-good show.  

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Goof off with Jamie Foxx

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