October 30, 2020
Polestar 2 is getting a total recall for random shutdowns, report says

Polestar 2 is getting a total recall for random shutdowns, report says

Polestar 2

This is not a situation where a bricked Polestar 2 would be good.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Polestar’s second model and its first all-electric vehicle, the Polestar 2, is a very cool car that offers an enjoyable driving experience for what is arguably a fairly reasonable price. That driving experience, however, hasn’t necessarily been the case for everyone.

Some owners have reported an issue with the car where it will suddenly shut off and be unable to be restarted. It’s not entirely clear yet what is causing this issue. Still, it’s serious enough that the Swedish-Chinese company is recalling all 2,200 Polestar 2s currently in customers’ hands, according to a reportĀ on Friday by Swedish publication Dager Industri.

Tesla experienced a similar issue with the Model 3 early in its life, and the problem stemmed from the 12-volt battery. In Tesla’s case, simply replacing the battery would get the car up and running again, but there’s no telling if that’s going to do the trick here. According to a report from InsideEVs, not all of the 2s are showing 12-volt issues. Further, some owners get warnings from their vehicles before it shut down, while others aren’t.

Polestar didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

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