July 6, 2020
PlayStation 5's new controller the DualSense is here - Video

PlayStation 5’s new controller the DualSense is here – Video

Out of nowhere Sony has announced a brand new PlayStation five controller it’s called the dual sense.
Dual sense because the focus of this new controller will be on a player sense of touch.
Now, historically speaking, the DualShock four that’s the current PS4 controller has been widely regarded as one of the The best game controllers ever made and Sony is making a drastic change in ergonomics with this new controller.
So check out a head on shot of both controllers side by side.
The grips on the dual sense perhaps look a bit longer compared to the DS four May be slightly wider, but for the most part the analog sticks deep head and face buttons appear to go unchanged.
The top and sides are also a bit more rounded than the more angular DS4 as well.
Sony also said it kept weight and battery life in mind in the new two tone design.
Either way, this is pretty wild.
It is definitely a substantial change from its predecessor.
Listen to Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan’s quote about just that.
He said dual sense marks a radical departure from our previous controller offerings and captures just how strongly we feel about making a generational leap with PS five.
The new controller along with the many innovative features in PS five Will be transformative for games.
Alright, there you have it.
So, functionally speaking what exactly is different with the DualSense?
A lot, but in Sony’s PlayStation blog post, the major feature addition to the PS 5’s controller is sense of touch.
So, you’re thinking what does that mean, and you don’t really know yet.
They describe it as haptic feedback Letting players feel things like quote, the slow grittiness of driving a car through the mud.
I feel like that’s what they always use.
There’s also adaptive triggers on the dual sense, which Sony says will let you feel the tension of your actions, like when drawing a bow to shoot an arrow.
Why is it always shooting an arrow?
That’s the only thing these guys can relate to.
Okay, what else is there?
A built in mic so you can chat without a headset.
That’s pretty cool.
A light bar that flanks the touchpad instead of just the top level of it.
That’s just I guess, cosmetic, and then also a Create button that’s going to replace the share button.
Sony says the New button will offer the same functionality as that original Share button.
But it sounds like you’ll have more creative control more customization over the types of clips that you share.
But details on that specifically are scarce.
So Sony is already making its early pitch for owning a PS five over an Xbox or PC leaning into those console exclusive features its proprietary controller will be able to offer that the other platforms will not

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