January 22, 2021
PlayStation 5 teardown, Google announces new security features - Video

PlayStation 5 teardown, Google announces new security features – Video

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Sony released an official tear down of the PlayStation five.
In the video, Playstation engineer Yasuhiro.
hutaree carefully walks viewers through each part of the next gen console and talks about each components function.
According to Tory, the PlayStation vives massive size combined with a large heat sink and fan, will keep the system cool and quiet.
The PlayStation 5 officially launches in the US on November 12.
Google announced new security measures for user account.
Alongside a refreshed safety centre, the company revealed a guest option for Google Assistant and a new critical alert system.
Previously, security alerts were either sent to user emails or through Android notifications.
Now these alerts will arrive via pop up within Google’s apps.
The new features will begin limited rollouts in the coming weeks.
And, finally, the International Space Station has a new upgrade, a $23 million space toilet.
Astronaut Chris Cassidy gave a tour of the waste and hygiene compartment that houses the new toilet and explained how using it works in microgravity.
It has a much smaller footprint, is simpler and more comfortable to use and can capture more waste than previously installed toilets.
NASA also plans to include this toilet design in its Orion capsules, which will travel to the moon in future missions.
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