February 24, 2021
Pioneer debuts the smallest car audio subwoofer you've ever seen at CES

Pioneer debuts the smallest car audio subwoofer you’ve ever seen at CES

This car audio subwoofer is less than 3 inches thick.

Pioneer Electronics

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Pioneer is thinking small at CES 2021. Small in stature, that is, with its new TS-WX010A, which makes its debut Monday. This is the manufacturer’s smallest-ever micro-subwoofer for automotive applications.

Measuring just 9 inches wide, 4.6 inches deep and 2.7 inches thick, the TS-WX010A is designed to fit into small spaces within a vehicle’s cabin, rather than filling a trunk with a big, space-robbing enclosure. It is optimized for installation in the passenger footwell, but can also easily be tucked beneath or behind a seat. Simply mount the box wherever you have space, connect 12-volt power and either line- or speaker-level audio and Pioneer says you’re ready to go.

Inside the TS-WX010A’s shell, you’ll find a downward-firing, rectangular woofer measuring 6.6 by 3.1 inches. It’s powered by an onboard 160-watt max (50-watt RMS) Class D amplifier. The TS-WX010A is said to be an especially good match for quiet electric and hybrid cars where the cabin’s noise floor is already pretty low, so big power isn’t necessarily needed for full sound. The Class D amp’s low power draw should also help in these applications.

Shown here tucked under a front seat, the TS-WX010A is actually designed to fit snuggly into a car’s passenger-seat footwell.


A 50-watt average doesn’t sound like a lot, but Pioneer assures us that because the TS-WX010A will live in the cabin with the passenger and doesn’t have to pass its sound through the rear seats and parcel shelf. The compact woofer should still provide a nice low-end boost to many car, truck and SUV audio systems, but we’ll need to get ears on this sub for ourselves to confirm.

Pricing and availability haven’t been announced, so stay tuned for more details (and hopefully listening impressions) to follow soon. The TS-WX010A isn’t the only small announcement from Pioneer at CES; it also announced a new modular car stereo for installation in dashboards that are slim on space.

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