May 30, 2020
Pick up a new skill with these deals from Coursera, Udemy, Rosetta Stone and more

Pick up a new skill with these deals from Coursera, Udemy, Rosetta Stone and more


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You’re stuck at home, so why not try learning a new skill? Whether you’re trying to home school the little ones, take your career to the next level or you’ve simply ran out of things to watch on Netflix, we can all take advantage of these great deals from popular self-learning sites such as Udemy, Coursera, EdX and Rosetta Stone.

Udemy’s Flash Sale: Courses from $11.99

Develop new skills without setting foot in a classroom and learn from Udemy’s extensive catalog of over 100,00 video courses.  Score big discounts from their rotating flash sale with classes starting from $12. Example deals include this entire MBA in 1 course, launch your Tik Tok career with the Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners or get this complete Python Bootcamp instead.

Coursera: 7-day trial for individuals, 14-day for businesses 

Brush up your resume or prepare for that next job promotion with classes from leading universities and companies like Google, IBM and Stanford. Best of all you can do for free with the Coursera seven-day trial.  Own a business? Try Coursera Enterprise for your employees. It’s risk-free with a 14-day refund guarantee. 

EdX: Free AP classes or save up to 15% on Verified Course

Founded by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, Edx is a nonprofit learning platform featuring live and self-paced online courses from over 140 schools and private corporations including MIT, Harvard and UC Berkeley. Offerings range from free Advanced Placement courses, College Prep for High School students all the way up to Master’s Degree classes. Get 15% off Verified Course Enrollment with the code EDXWELCOME.

ABCmouse: 30-day trial or $5 per month for 2 months

Designed for kids age 2 to 8, ABCmouse ($9.95 a month) offers home-learning solutions designed by education professionals to make sure children are getting the knowledge they need in the best way possible. Try it free for 30 days or save when you sign up for the two-month plan ($5 a month) and annual subscription for $60.

Skillshare: 2 months premium free, or 3 months for $1

If you’re the creative type and looking to learn by completing projects and interacting with instructors, try out classes with a focus on creative arts, design, lifestyle, technology and more. Skillshare offers both free classes and a premium subscription (which is normally $15 a month). You can try out premium free for two months or get three months for $0.99 with code makeuseof16 — just make sure you cancel otherwise it’ll become a yearly membership. Pair Skillshare’s Photoshop classes with the Adobe’s Students and Teacher 60% off Creative Cloud discount, too.

Rosetta Stone: 2-year plan for $6 a month

Rosetta Stone’s system will have you speaking and understanding new languages with short, interactive, and portable lessons that can fit into any busy schedule. Deals ranges from the three-month plan ($12 a month), one year ($8 a month), two years ($6 a month) and even a lifetime subscription for $199.

Babbel: 50% off the 3-month plan

Prepare for your (eventual) post-quarantine vacation by taking advantage of Babbel’s 50% off deal when you subscribe to its three-month plan ($8.50 a month) or an even lower $5.19 a month when you commit to a full year .

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