February 25, 2021
Peak Design aims for the best phone mount system with Mobile - Video

Peak Design aims for the best phone mount system with Mobile – Video

Welcome back to our coverage of ces 2021.
I’m Ashley Isca.
You might have seen them on Kickstarter peak design is a company known for great photography products.
But now they’re moving into something a little more interesting.
They’re moving into mobile.
Last month peak design closed out a crowd fund raising over $2 million for mobile.
And to talk about what they have going on, we have the CEO of peak design.
Peter Dering, how are you today, sir?>> I’m fantastic.
Thanks for having me pleased to be talking about this.
Mobile is not just the case.
It is a system where you’re able to mount your phone to all kinds of different things.
If you wanted to mount this phone to your bicycle.
You have this lovely little machine bit.
And you can see there’s actually a catch here so that it won’t fall off.
And then-
To remove that part, you only need to press one of them.
You only have to press one.
Okay, I didn’t know that.
You only press one, yeah.
And it’s because we didn’t want to be scripting about handedness.
Sometimes you’re grabbing Grabbing your phone with your right hand and it’s easiest to do it like this.
And in other cases it may be easiest with your left hand and you still wanna be able to have access.
So that’s why we have two buttons is just to make it easier for you to [UNKNOWN] One
Interesting and it’s a magnet snap.
So you actually don’t need to use either of the buttons when you pop it on to your device, right?
You just have it right there and it’s not coming off if you’re not interested in mounting this to a bike, you just have a car you can do that there’s a car mount.
There is a wall mount which is very flat and very small.
So just pops right, right on there.
This is only 2.25 millimeters in thickness in the way that we’re able to achieve a hard lock, which is something that we’re basically saying, in order for it to come off.
It’s about 150 pounds of breaking strength.
It’s a no no phone interaction.
I think you’d be hard pressed even in an accident to have this thing come off.
We use this piece of it’s a ceramic insert.
Certainly steel or other metals would be capable of being strong enough but the reason we use.
Ceramic is because wireless charging has become an important part of mobile ecosystems now.
So having something that has the stiffness and durability to not flex under a load and make sure that it can never come off and still be really thin and allow charging requires us to have this frankly very expensive machine ceramic part Right in the heart of this case.
Prioritizing thinness while prioritizing protection and these variety of mounts, is really what has driven toward this design.
And there’s simply is not another case on the market that allows you to mount your phone in as many ways.
And also have this slim beautiful profile that is a case you would want to have on your phone.
I always find myself in places where I wish I had a little tripod for my phone.
And you guys have really sort of made this possible.
This looks About slightly thinner than a cell phone.
And, this is a tripod and this blew my mind when it came in the mail.
I could not believe my eyes.
So you’ve got this wonderful little system where everything just folds out and it’s beautifully machined.
It feels.
Incredibly strong.
How did your team or how does your design team iterate and come up with something like this?
So much of the key is in the ball joint.
And to have a robust ball joint that can provide enough appropriate amount of resistance is a really critical aspect of this design.
But it’s also very hard to get enough friction in such a small ball, right?
And so one of the ways we saw for that have you observed the tool that is in the middle of this Which you push on.
No, my God.
No, push on the thing that looks like- [CROSSTALK]
I just discovered it, I can’t believe this.
So push on that and it pops up and it’s magnetically attached in place.
Okay, got it.
Exactly, okay.
Now the reason that’s there is because if we’re gonna be so bold as to use a ball head.
At some point, the friction on that ball and aluminum-
Set up a little bit.
It would wear it down.
And it’s critical that you be able to tighten that but also have it be small enough where it hit
Is with you all the time and completely unobtrusive to the point where it’s hidden, right?
And these are the little aspects of
So much so that I had no idea was there.
These are the aspects of joy that you get with with peak design products.
And actually that tool is going to be used for another purpose.
It’s going to make this thing removable and the reason it needs to become removable is because the apple cases of course don’t have this beautiful ceramic
they don’t have that
and if it’s gonna fit in there and just magnetically attached to the back.
That positive piece can’t be there.
But the thing is that the product was better with that positive piece.
And so at peak design, we’re very much about having our cake and eating it too.
And what that actually means in this case is like, gosh, it would be super nice to be able to keep that boss, for people that buy into the peak design ecosystem but We know this is gonna be a valuable product for every single person who owns an iPhone 12 and beyond, or they have an apple case some of their magsafe case.
It doesn’t matter.
It’s going to be a useful product.
So how do we accommodate both those uses?
You also have Other things that I don’t have here, you have a creator kit that you can add on to that Kickstarter, you’ve got a motorcycle mounts, you’ve got I mean, there are a lot of different things and; Stand
Yeah that stand is really interesting me, so it stands up and also lays flat.
Lay flat that i mean it’s a charger, right?
That’s meant to compete with apples very small circular measure solves the problem of two things one, the phone remaining stuck to the actual charger and then also it actually is quite nice to be able to articulate this and turn your phone into more of like, You know, a computer display Yeah, like yes display and also Let’s mention that the creator kit like we haven’t actually marketed this at all.
It allows you to turn your phone into a GoPro because it utilizes the hard lock here and it has a GoPro mount so any GoPro mounts that are out there, you can stick your phone to with the same confidence that it is going to Be there when you’re done surfing or squirrel suit flying or, crushing down a mountain whether it’s on a bike or skis and like I’m excited to get behind marketing That aspect of the system.
We just haven’t had time.
There’s so much to talk about with the mobile ecosystem.
Peter, Derek, thank you so, so much for coming on and talking to us about peak designs, mobile phone mounting ecosystem of products.
This is really cool.
I’m really excited about it.
If you guys wanna learn more, you can head over to peakdesign.com.
Again, it’s launching this year, this is a product that’s coming out this year.
It’s not some crazy prototype like we normally see at CES, it’s something that you can get your hands on in 2021.
You can ever do peakdesign.com there’s a slacker backer initiative available.
So if you missed out on the kick starter, you can see, Still get in.
And we will be bringing you lots lots more CES 2021.
Stay tuned.

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