April 13, 2021
Parler back online, Microsoft reportedly bringing xCloud to browser - Video

Parler back online, Microsoft reportedly bringing xCloud to browser – Video

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social media platform, Paula is back after being forced offline in the wake of the Capitol Hill insurrection on January 6. The platform which bills itself as a public square for free speech had become a haven for extremist right wing content.
After the riots in the Capitol Amazon web services, Google, and Apple all pulled their support for the site and its apps.
In a statement on Monday Parler said it was now, quote, not reliant on so-called big tech for its operations.
Though it was not immediately clear who was hosting the site.
Microsoft wants to bring its xCloud game streaming service to your web browser According to reports in the verge, Microsoft is testing a web based version of xCloud with its employees ahead of a public preview.
Images of the web version of xCloud show a simple launcher for browsing recommended games, resuming recently played titles and accessing games through the Xbox game pass ultimate subscription service.
British carmaker Jaguar has announced its moving away from combustion engines and will only build all electric vehicles by 2025.
The Land Rover brand which is part of Jaguar will also transition to a V’s though more slowly, with the first all electric model coming in 2024 and a total of six ATVs.
Launching in the next five years.
The announcement follows similar news from us car manufacturer General Motors, which pledged to stop producing gas powered vehicles, by 2035.
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