February 28, 2021
Our first look at the new Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus - Video

Our first look at the new Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus – Video

Here are the brand new Galaxy S 21 and S 21 Plus, let’s take a look at what Samsung just announced.
Building on their 2020 recipe behind the Galaxy S 20 series Samsung announced the new lineup for 2021, which is the Galaxy S 21.
The Galaxy S 21 plus and the Galaxy S 21 Ultra.
Now made a separate video on the Galaxy S 21 Ultra, which has features like S Pen support that aren’t found on the other phones.
In this video, I’m just going to focus on the S 21 an S 21 Plus.
Now last year’s s 20 series.
Represented the biggest year over year change we’ve seen from Samsung in a while.
This year’s s 21 series gets a bunch of upgrades and refinements but overall is not a drastic change from the s 20 series.
Well, until you get to price Samsung trim the starting price This is all S 21 series phones by $200.
Yeah, let that sink in the galaxy S 21 starts at $800.
The gals got 21 plus and a thousand dollars and the galaxy S 21 ultra at $1,200.
Samsung said they were able to cut prices because the phones components cost less, which I think is part of the story.
Now you could argue that the S 20 and s 20 Plus, were to premium which was conspicuously symbolized by their really high price tags.
Now after going through the specs and features for the S 21 and S 21 Plus, It seems to me that Samsung found ways sometimes significant to scale back.
We’ll look however they got there.
The lower prices reflect the reality that we are living in a world that’s been in a pandemic for over a year which has caused millions of people to struggle financially.
For a lot of us just knowing that the new S21 series.
Is more affordable than the S20 family, might be enough to upgrade.
So let’s get into the nitty gritty and start with styling.
Look, there are only so many ways to decorate a rectangular slab, hence why foldable and rollable phones seem so exciting to me.
But what Samsung has done is they’ve taken the camera bump and made it a different color than the back and they blended that color into the sides of the phone.
And it gives the phones a striking look.
It might not be to everyone’s taste, but hey, that’s why there are phone cases.
Yes 21 comes in four colors.
Phantom violet, phantom grey, phantom pink and phantom white.
The S21 Plus has three options, phantom violet, phantom silver and phantom black.
And there’s no word on what’s up with the word phantom being used in every color or whether Samsung is just a big fan of the PT Anderson film, Phantom Thread.
From the front, the phones look identical.
To the S20 series with a centered hole punch housing the same selfie camera as last year.
Under the display is a larger ultrasonic fingerprint reader which bodes well for people like me with large hands.
That’s just like last year, the screens are 6.2 inches and 6.7 inches respectively, but both are covered in gorilla glass Victus, which we saw debut on last year’s galaxy note, 20 ultra the screen support and adaptive.
120 hertz refresh rate that makes everything from scrolling and app animations to gaining look super smooth.
The screens also get a new feature called eye comfort shield that adjusts the amount of blue lights based on the time of day and the content on screen.
The idea is it should help reduce eye fatigue and until we get the phones we’ll have to wait and see how it works.
In terms of battery, the S21 has the same battery from the S 20.
But the S21 plus gets a slightly bigger battery.
It’s 4800 milliamp hours compared to the 4500 milliamp hour and one on the S 20 plus Powering the S 21 series is the new top of the line Android Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip.
Both the S 21 and S 21 plus are waterproof and come with either 128 gigabytes or 256 gigabytes of storage as far as 5g both support sub six and millimeter wave bands, but.
Look, like I said in most of my review videos over the past months, if 5G is your main reason for wanting a new phone, do a little research on whether your carrier offers it in your area, and what the speeds and coverage are like.
Let’s get to the cameras which are exactly the same as the ones found on the S20 and S20 Plus, and that’s great because they both had solid camera systems.
They were a bit overshadowed by the ridiculous camera specs on the S 20 Ultra.
The F 21 and s 21.
Plus each have a wide, ultra wide and telephoto camera.
There are new video features including directory view, which lets you preview all of your cameras on stream at once and select the best shot and lager view which lets you capture video for both The front and rear cameras at the same time.
I’m very curious to try both of these features out.
Now, the S 21 series supports Samsung’s new Galaxy smart tags accessory, which you can attach to things like your keys or bags to keep track of them.
And especially if you lose them, think of it kinda like the popular tile tracker.
Both phones support fast wired and wireless charging and have wireless power here for charging accessories.
Now we come to the specs and features that have been downsized and changed.
I believe Samsung did this to help the phones hit their lower price points.
Now, not all of these are bad but some might sting more than others.
There’s no longer a wall charger in Included the box.
Both phones lack a micro SD card slot for expandable storage.
And the S21 plus doesn’t have a time of flight camera which was found on the S20 plus.
The S21.
An F 21 plus comes with eight gigabytes of RAM, which is a sizable step down from the 12 gigabytes of RAM that came on the S20 and S20 plus, that one stings a bit, but we’re gonna have to wait until we get the phones to see what the effect is from having a third less ram on performance and running Android 11.
The S 21 plus gets a gorilla glass victus back while the S 21 sports a plastic rear side.
Now I look I know a lot of people were disappointed that the regular Galaxy Note 20 had a plastic back but I think part of that was because the phone costs $1,000 on paper, the switch from Gorilla Glass to plastic and the S 21.
Does seem like a wise compromise.
Then there are the displays which have full HD resolution instead of the higher Quad HD resolution found on the S 20 and s 20.
Plus, now I have to wait until I get the review units to see exactly how noticeable.
That resolution differences but I’d like to point out, if you keep your S20 or S20 plus locked in at 120 hertz refresh rate, then your phone is already at the same resolution as these new phones.
On the whole, most of these emissions and downgrades are actually pretty wise And they also helped differentiate the phones and the S 21 lineup from each other especially the S 21 plus and the S 21.
It’s one thing to compare specs and features but I truly am excited to get my hands on the phones for a full review.
Pre owners for the S 21 phones start January 14th at 11:00 AM Eastern and the phones will be available on January 29th.
But I wanna hear from you guys, what do you think about the <inaudible> and S 21 plus, do you think the trade-off on some specs and features is worth the lower price now, is there one phone that appeals to you more than the others?
</inaudible> Throw your thoughts in the comments.
Also make sure you check out my other video all about the Galaxy S 21 Ultra.

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