May 26, 2020
OnePlus unveils OnePlus 8 Pro - Video

OnePlus unveils OnePlus 8 Pro – Video

And here it is, the OnePlus 8 Pro, the newest ultra premium phone in the flagship OnePlus 8 series.
From design to display, from camera to performance to OS, the most powerful product we’ve ever created.
And also a thing of real beauty You see designers designed smartphones to emotionally connect with us.
Because the physical form of it gives us a reference point, something to look at, to point out, something tangible to fall in love with.
The details of the finished product tell a story of the hundreds of iterations we’ve gone through to make it look beautiful and feel just right.
Of the countless tweaks our product teams have made to get it as close to perfect as possible.
You pick up your phone more than 200 times a day, and every time we want you to feel like you’re picking up a work of art, and that’s why CMF or color material and finish is so important.
It dictates how a foam will feel in your hands which in turn will influence your feeling about the device.
So let’s look at the CMF for the one plus a pro.
It comes with a curved glass back.
And of course we offer a beautiful glossy finish.
But the matte frosted glass option is really something amazing.
Some of you may remember the silk white version of the OnePlus One.
It really did have a memorable feeling in the hand.
That’s the feeling we wanted to bring back.
We increase the haze level in the glass finish to the highest level in the industry.
The OnePlus 8 Pro is silky smooth to the touch.
And now for the colors.
We have options for you.
Ultramarine blue and onyx black.
But you’ve seen black and blue phones from one plus before.
Well, there’s a new option for you this time palatial green.
You may have seen it on some leaked renders, but I assure you it’s so different when you see it in real life.
It’s so fresh.
It’s one of those colors where you may think I’m probably more of a black or blue kind of person.
I could never have such a bold color.
But then you see it and you suddenly change your mind.
It’s vivid during the daytime and soothing in the evening.
And with that silky matte frosted feel you won’t want to put it down.
Now you may have already noticed the punch hole front facing camera.
Well, there’s a reason that we went with that.
It really does make the phone feel lighter, and the only 3.8 millimeters in diameter, you’ll hardly even notice it’s there.
And we listen to your feedback, right?
So one of the things you’ve asked for is an IP rating.
Well guess what?
The one plus 8 Pro is ip 68 rated.
What do you think is the most important part of a smartphone?
Your display obviously, you look at touch or swipe on your screen 2000 times a day on average.
So the screen you’re looking at better be a true feast for your eyes.
The one plus a pro has the highest spec display in the universe.
Well, at least on the planet Earth, but not only will it meet all your daily needs, but when you play games, watch movies scroll through your social media feeds.
Trust us, it will blow your mind Now if you were paying attention to one plus news earlier this year, you’ll already know that we were planning to bring you 120 hertz display.
And it’s finally here.
The one plus a Pro comes with a 6.7 inch screen with q HD plus resolution at 513 pixels per inch and it can get super bright It can hit 4096 different levels of brightness with a peak brightness of up to 1300 Nits.
We’ve also added sensors on the front and the back of the one plus a pro for the smoothest automatic brightness adjustment we’ve ever had on a one plus device.
Seriously guys, this is one of the best displays you’ll find on any smartphone.
But don’t just take our word for it.
We gave the one plus a pro to display made the leading authority in display quality testing to see if this was all hype, or if it really is one of the best displays.
Now first of all, display mate doesn’t test just any smartphone display.
They only test the absolute best They gave the one plus a pro, their best smartphone display award with DisplayMate’s highest ever display performance grade of A+.
And more impressively, it cetera matched 13 performance records, more records than any other smartphone.
I mean, look at this list of records, it really speaks for itself.
And when you get the OnePlus Pro in your hands, another thing that will speak for itself is the amount of color you will see.
The OnePlus Pro display supports 10-bit color depth.
That means instead of seeing the same 16 million colors you would get in most smartphones, we’re bringing you a billion colors, with a B. This makes images and HDR videos richer, more colorful and much more lifelike.
So yes, you’re getting way more color than before, but you’re also getting much more honest color than before.
It all comes down to JNCD or Just Noticeable Color Difference.
Like your golf score, the lower the JNCD, the better and we’re the best.
Any JNCD below one is imperceptible to the human eye, but we’ve taken it further.
The one plus a pro has a JNCD of 0.4 which means that the colors you see on your phone are practically identical to the same colors you see in real life.
120 Hz, that’s the refresh rate of the one plus a pro.
Now, in very simple terms, that just means the display refreshes two times faster than a 60 Hz display.
But in reality, it feels infinitely smoother.
So what does this actually look like?
Well, it’s pretty obvious
And it’s also way more responsive.
When you touch the display, the feedback is immediate, only 24.6 milliseconds.
How do we make it so responsive?
Well, first, the one plus a pro has a 240 hertz touch sampling rate, which is great, but not enough.
Our secret weapon is the one plus smooth chain.
So we approach product development like a chain.
Every link in this chain has to be strong and it has to work together.
Roasted chain is going to break.
our end goal is to make sure our hardware and software work together as smoothly as possible.
Now most videos unless directed by angley are not showing 120 FPS.
They’re shot at either 24 fps or 30 FPS.
So how can you take full advantage of this gorgeous hundred 20 hertz fluid display The answer can be found on something as small as a grain of rice or custom MEMC chip and the MC means motion estimate motion compensation.
Basically it inserts one or more additional frames after each original frame in the video to make it look much smoother.
You can choose either 60 FPS or 120 FPS We can even turn it off in the settings 120 hertz q HD fluid display, a plus rating, a billion colors, best smartphone display in the universe.
I mean, what more could you possibly ask for?
How about an amazing camera?
With the OnePlus 8 Pro we’re giving you just that.
In fact, this is the biggest camera upgrade we’ve ever delivered an Olympus phone.
The OnePlus 8 Pro has a 48 megapixel Main Camera with a custom made Sony sensor, a 48 megapixel ultra wide lens with a full 120 degree field of view.
A telephoto lens with three times hybrid and 30 times digital zoom and the unique color filter camera.
This is the first ever quad camera setup on a one plus phone.
We work together with Sony on a custom IMX689 sensor, the largest and most high tech sensor we’ve ever used.
Now the bigger the sensor in your camera, the more lighter receives, which decreases noise and increases dynamic range.
And dynamic range is especially important to give your images more detail.
And like I just mentioned, this sensor is super high tech It has dual native ISO, which is usually found in professional cinema cameras and reduces noise and low light.
It also has two-by-two on-chip lens, which gives you the power to detect horizontal, vertical, and diagonal textures.
To give you more accurate focus, even in the dark.
Now check out the detail and the color in these sample shots.
And then there’s the ultra wide camera.
Now you can get a much wider, 120 degree field of view.
Unlike most other ultra wides, the OnePlus 8 Pro doesn’t compromise on image quality.
We’ve used the flagship level Sony mX 586 sensor, which gives it 48 megapixels, just like the main camera.
Now that is the most in any smartphone ultra wide camera.
And most impressive with 48 megapixels.
You can also get much more detail even when you zoom in
Now that larger sensor has another advantage too and that’s ultra wide night shots.
Now you can get clear sharp images even in the dark, just like in this comparison with the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
The one plus A Pro also has a telephoto lens with three times hybrid and 30 times digital zoom.
We’ve also added a fourth camera on the one plus a pro, a unique color filter camera that enables you to express the artists within through lighting effects and filters.
Okay, But enough about the photos.
How about video?
Nobody wants a shaky video.
So the one plus a pro is equipped with hybrid image stabilization.
Combining OIS and EIS for much more stable videos.
We’ve also included three high precision microphones that reduce noise when shooting video to capture clear stereo audio
We also have audio zoom, which lets you zoom in on the sounds you want to amplify, and audio windscreen which automatically minimizes wind sounds when you’re recording.
And when you’re shooting a video, lighting is one of the biggest challenges And with back light, it’s practically impossible to get a clear face and a clear background at the same time.
But with 3-HDR technology, we’ve solved that problem for you.
With its advanced sensor, the OnePlus 8 Pro can weave together three different exposures into one frame with a higher dynamic range.
Filling in both shadows and well lit areas for clear, more colorful details.
Now this is equated with an iPhone 11 Pro Max which some people claim has the best dynamic range in any smartphone.
And this is from the OnePlus 8 Pro.
We’ll let you be the judge.
So that’s the OnePlus 8 Pro camera system, faster, smarter focusing, and ultra wide camera with flagship image quality, dynamic video powered by three HDR for even the most difficult lighting conditions.
This is a camera system designed to open up your world a little wider.
And make sure that every photo and every video you take captures exactly what you want.
And now let’s dig into the rest of the specs.
The OnePlus 8 Pro is powered by the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform.
It comes with up to 12 gigabytes of LP DDR five rim Which is almost 30% faster than the previous generation with 20% lower power consumption.
It also comes with up to 256 gigabytes of UFS 3.0 storage.
And because the OnePlus 8 series is leading with speed, we’ve equipped the OnePlus 8Pro with Wi-Fi6 That gives you 40% faster peak internet speed, and it’s four times faster in crowded areas.
Now with Papa lens specs, an immersive 120 hertz fluid display, we believe the One Plus 8 Pro is the best gaming phone around.
And there are certain details that can really add to the fun as well.
The one plus A pro stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos will completely surround you with exciting high quality sound.
And the new and improved haptic motor with stronger vibration will bring your games to life.
4510 milliamp hours.
That’s the size of the one plus a pro battery.
And it’s the biggest battery in any one plus device ever.
10% bigger than the one plus 70 Pro

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