January 20, 2021
OnePlus 8T vs. its rivals: iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11 vs. Pixel 5 vs. Galaxy S20 FE

OnePlus 8T review: 5G phone with a stunning 120Hz display – Video

Back in April, so about a decade ago in 2020 time, Chinese phone maker one plus release two great 5G phones, the one plus eight and the eight prep.
At launch.
They started at 700 and $900, respectively.
Now the company announced a new 5g phone that fits right in between those April devices.
It costs $749 has a similar design as an eight, but carries over some of the better specs of the eight Pro.
This is the newly unveiled one plus eight t.
Besides the big camera bump on the back, the OnePlus 8T looks pretty similar to the OnePlus 8. It has the same vibrant 6.55- inch display with a sharp 1080P resolution.
But the OnePlus 8T Amylin screen has 120HZ refresh rate.
This makes the phone feel buttery smooth and fast.
It’s one of my favorite things about the phone and scrolling through social media feeds and homescreen pages just feels super quick and responsive.
Like the one plus eight.
The 80 has a standard ultra wide and macro camera, but it also has a fourth monochrome camera.
This camera doesn’t take photos itself, but helps out with lighting when you want to take black and white photos.
It’s something I hardly ever do and I’d rather have something like a telephoto camera instead.
I will say though, that one plus did slightly improve the macro camera instead of two megapixels like it was on the one plus eight.
It’s now five I mean, I still prefer shooting close up with the standard camera but at least colors aren’t as washed out and details are a bit sharper than last time.
For video, the OnePlus 80 now has portrait mode for recording.
So it blurs the background for a book and like effect.
The mode adds more polish and drama to your footage, which I like.
But the feature isn’t always perfect.
The camera also has a super stable mode for recording video.
And when I turned it on while riding a bike on even cement pavement, the video turned out steady and smooth.
The one plus 80 runs Android 11 out of the box.
And has a refresh interface that has improved for the better.
Menus look more streamlined, modern and clean and I like it a lot.
A few new software goodies include a cool visualizer on the always on display.
That lets you see how many times in a day you unlock your phone.
One plus is digital well being app Zen mode.
Still limits phone functionality when you want to focus.
But now you can invite your friends to join in a group session of Zen mode, which is something I can’t imagine anyone ever doing.
There will be more software extras like new Native voice transcription and built in document editing software coming in November.
The one plus eight T has the same Snapdragon 855 processor as an eight, an eight pro and even the Galaxy S 20.
Its performance feels Zippy and benchmark scores were on par with all the other phones.
Inside is a 4.5 ampere hour battery a capacity that’s again between the one plus eight and eight Pro.
It preliminary battery tests for continuous video playback on airplane mode schilder results of about 24 hours.
For comparison, the eight and eight pro clocked in about 19 out.
While this is an improvement be sure to check in with the written review for final battery results.
One new thing about battery and charging is that the phone comes with a 65 watt warp charger.
Now the charger is chunky like you’d expect but it’s compatible with devices that support 45 watt PD charging two, so it can put charge other things you may have like laptops.
One plus says the bigger warp charger can juice up the at from zero to 58% in 15 minutes, and a full charge takes only 39 minutes.
I found the reality to be longer than that myself, but I’m still undergoing testing at the time of this video.
So again, head over to the written review for an update on this.
There are a few things that the one plus 8t doesn’t have, however, that you can get on the 8Pro.
The 8t doesn’t have wireless charging, it doesn’t have reverse wireless charging and it doesn’t have a telephone Photo lens like I mentioned earlier.
Also, while the unlocked model of the 80 is protected against some water spills, it doesn’t have an IP rating.
The T Mobile variant though is rated IP six eight.
Now given that the one plus eight t costs $749 and one plus has lowered the price of the eight and eight pro by $100.
I’m still digging the eight a bit more.
Especially since the eight now cost $700 at the same memory configuration.
Don’t get me wrong the 120 hertz display is brilliant and I’m sure whatever one person you go with, you’ll be satisfied.
But I’m not quite down to pay more for a bump in battery life and a monochrome camera that up, Probably hard to use.
And remember, the OnePlus 8 came out in April.
It’s still a great phone in its own right.
It has a long battery life and a smooth 90 hertz display.
I know mentally It feels like April was a long time ago.
But the notion that the OnePlus 8 is an old phone just hasn’t settled in yet.
Plus, with a lower price, it’s even more compelling.
That’s it for me today.
for more tech videos, including my one plus eight and eight pro review, check out the rest of CNET channel and be sure to subscribe.

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