March 7, 2021
Omron's blood pressure cuff is designed for telemedicine - Video

Omron’s blood pressure cuff is designed for telemedicine – Video

Going for zero means helping those at greatest risk of heart attack and stroke.
We’ve been working to develop our own remote patient monitoring service for some time.And now we’re rolling it out with our very first health system partners and vital site is the first remote patient monitoring service from Omron healthcare.
With over 40 years of category study and innovation, Imran is the global leader in blood pressure monitoring and personal heart health technology.
So we felt it was our obligation to create a remote patient monitoring program for hypertension and what makes vital site unique Is that it is specifically designed for hypertension management, and developed to foster greater patient to physician communication and data sharing.
This has been shown to improve treatment engagement and health outcomes.
Vital site is an easy to use service that physicians can use to enroll patients with high risk levels of hypertension.
And patients receive a kit delivered to their home that includes an Omron connected blood pressure monitor, and data hub.
These are preset to securely share measurements with the patient’s physician and care team.
Vital site can then be integrated directly with the clinicians electronic medical record system.
Also known as an EMR, or through Arranz doctor dashboard, vital site sends automatic notifications through the EMR that signal when a patient has readings that indicate if action needs to be taken.
And because vital site fosters stronger patient physician communication.
It helps to focus the care team on urgent patient health data so they know when action is necessary.
Doctors can also personalize blood pressure thresholds for each patient and receive alerts for high readings.
Those alerts and readings integrate into the doctors EMR.
Or am Ron’s doctor dashboard.
There are also printable reports available through the doctor dashboard to show patients more information about their condition and motivate them to make healthy behavior changes.

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