March 1, 2021
Nvidia introduces RTX 3000 GPU for gaming laptops - Video

Nvidia introduces RTX 3000 GPU for gaming laptops – Video

Today we are announcing a new generation of ampere powered laptops with second generation RT x and third generation max q technologies, delivering twice the power efficiency of previous generations.
Nowhere does efficiency matter more than in the extremely power constrained environment of a modern gaming laptop.
So four years ago,we introduced max Q.
Max Q is a system design approach that delivers high performance in thin and light gaming laptops.
It is fundamentally changed how laptops are built.
Every aspect the CPU,GPU software PCB design, power delivery, thermals.
Are optimized for power and performance.
Our 3rd generation MAX-Q technologies use AI and new system optimizations to make high performance gaming laptops faster and better than ever.
Traditionally, gaming laptops set the power for the CPU and GPU Games and creative apps are dynamic and demands on the system change from frame to frame.
Today we are introducing dynamic boost 2.0 which for the first time uses AI to shift power Power between the CPU, GPU and now GPU memory, determining where it is needed most.
The AI networks in dynamic boost 2.0 manage power on a per frame basis.
So your laptop is constantly optimising for maximum performance.
The result is a larger performance boost than ever before.
We are also introducing whisper mode 2.0 delivering a new level of acoustic control for gaming laptops.
Whisper mode has been re engineered from the ground up and is custom built into each laptop at a system level.
You pick your desired acoustics and whisper mode two point O’s AI powered algorithms manage the CPU GPU system temperature and fan speeds to deliver great acoustics at the best possible performance.
Next we are introducing resizeable bar Which leverages the advanced capabilities of PCI Express to boost gaming performance.
games use GPU memory for textures, shaders and geometry constantly updating as the player moves through the world.
Today, only part of the GPUs memory can be accessed at any one time by the CPU, requiring many memory updates.
With resizeable bar, the game can access the entire GPU memory, allowing for multiple updates at the same time, improving performance.
Finally, dlss is a breakthrough for gaming laptops.
It uses AI and RTX tensor cores to deliver up to two x two performance in the same power.
A GPU needs to calculate almost 4 million pixels for a single 1440p frame dlss requires only a fraction of the pixels.
Which improves efficiency and increases performance.
It also delivers more battery life when you’re gaming on the go.
Max q has reinvented the gaming laptop.
Four years ago the fastest laptops in the world were powered by a GTX 1080.
Average 40 millimeters thick and weighed over nine pounds.
After four years of innovation max q Gen three laptops are half the size, half the weight and deliver up to ten times the performance.
More gamers are choosing to play on laptops, and with 95% of the installed base below the performance of the latest consoles It’s time to introduce a new generation.
The RTX 3060 laptop is faster than anything on the market today, including the $2500 RTX 2080 super.
It’s 30% faster than the PlayStation five and delivers 90 frames per second on the latest games.
At ultra settings 10 ATP, the RT x 3060 laptops start at just 999.
Gamers know that 1440 p displays with twice the pixels of 10 ADP provide the perfect mix of high fidelity graphics and great performance.
Yet they are missing on laptops For years we’ve been working behind the scenes with display manufacturers and OEMs.
Now for the first time 1440p displays will be widely available.
Introducing the GeForce RTX3070 laptop, a 1440p gaming beasts It’s 50% faster than the RT x 2070 and delivers 90 frames per second with ultra settings at 1440 p. r tx 3070 laptops start at 1299.
Finally, our flagship GeForce r tx 30 at laptop With up to 16 gigabytes of G6 memory, it is a world’s fastest laptop for gamers and creators.
It delivers 100 frames per second with RTX on and starts at $1999.
Today nearly three quarters of laptop gamers play eSports.
The resulting popularity of high refresh rate laptops continues to grow doubling this past year.
I’m excited to announce that over half of the new 30 series laptops, will offer 240 hertz or higher refresh rates.
With the performance of our GeForce RTX 38 laptop GPU, gamers will be able to play at 240 frames per second across top titles like Overwatch Rainbow Six, valorant and fortnight.
And combined with Nvidia reflex gamers can achieve sub 20 millisecond system latency Enabling them to play their absolute best.
From videos to photography to 3D animation, the creation of digital content is exploding.
In Video Studio is our accelerated platform for creators speeding up ray tracing and AI in over 50 application.
Including Adobe Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve and blender, and monthly studio drivers bring new features faster performance and enhanced stability.
Since the launch of studio in 2019.
There have been over 100 purpose built studio laptops and desktops from every major OEM.
Nvidia ampere architecture takes studio laptops to the next level.
Rendering is up to five times faster than Pascal.
video editors can work with 8k raw footage.
Use AI to simplify workflows and reduce encode times by up to 75%.
[UNKNOWN] have up to 16 gigabytes of graphics memory to work with huge assets across multiple apps at the same time.
RTX accelerated AI will change the way creators work.
For example, Adobe Photoshop recently introduced neural filters.
Which uses AI to quickly make complex edits to photographs.
Adobe Premiere Pro auto reframe uses AI to convert landscape video to portrait while keeping the action front and center in DaVinci Resolve 17 The new magic mask feature uses AI to speed up mass creation and tracking.
In video optics AID noising in blender, cleans up noise on the fly quickly resolving 3D images, four score, and seven and Nvidia video omniverse audio to face.
Uses AI to animate unrigged 3D characters based solely on an audio source.
New nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
Today we’re introducing over 70 laptops from every OEM, our biggest launch ever These are the world’s fastest laptops.
They give gamers and creators a huge variety to pick the right device for their needs.
Available beginning January 26, with prices starting at 999.
Let’s take a look at what they can do.
Come on.

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