April 13, 2021
Nissan Pathfinder gets better looks and tech for 2022 - Video

Nissan Pathfinder gets better looks and tech for 2022 – Video

Y’all the fifth generation Nissan Pathfinder is here and it is looking mighty spiffy, if I may say so myself.
Now the good news is that it’s been substantially upgraded in terms of tech but the bad news is that the power train is only partially upgraded.
All right, let’s get that little bugaboo out of the way.
We’ve got a new generation Pathfinder, but we don’t have a whole new powertrain.
I mean, what the heck Nissan under the hood is a 3.5 liter V six pushing out 284 horsepower and 259 pound feet of torque and yeah, it’s been around for ages.
It’s really a bummer, especially when you think that the frontier just got a new 3.8 liter.
Why can’t the new Pathfinder get a new engine as well?
But the good news is that the old continuously variable transmission has been 86 in favor of a nine speed automatic.
Now in general CVTs are used for their fuel saving properties.
So the pathfinder might see a slight decrease in economy but those numbers aren’t out yet.
Regardless by nixing that droning CVT and the pathfinder is sure to be much more pleasant to drive.
With the optional tow package the Pathfinder can drag 6000 pounds behind it.
That’s enough for an open trailer with the side by side, a couple of motorcycles and all the fuel and spares you could possibly need you weekend warrior you.
Hack you can probably even tell like a Spec Miata behind it, although in this case I mean it’s Nissan so probably a spec c but you get the idea.
And you know, I really like the way this looks I mean three row kid hauling family crossovers aren’t really my thing.
But Nissan has taken a few styling cues from the original Pathfinder that actually give it a little bit of character.
The traditional three slots on top of the grille are here.
I mean, it’s subtle, but it’s there and designers wanted to pay homage to that cool triangular window that we had on the original two door but a little bit more difficult with the Hondo.
But they at least paid homage to this space with a C pillar that’s at the same angle.
The front facia doesn’t really do it for me, but I really like the way the Pathfinder looks from the side.
I dig the aggressive badging in the back and I love the floating roof.
I mean, what can I say I’m just a sucker for two tone cards.
Inside there is now room for eight Nissan has added another seat to that third row, so it’s now three across instead of two.
Now we don’t have any interior head and shoulder room numbers, but I do know that the Pathfinder isn’t much more than a half an inch wider overall than the outgoing model.
So it’s probably going to be a pretty tight squeeze back there.
For the second row, you can opt for captain’s chairs over the bench seat and that center console in the second row.
You can take it out without any tools and I think that’s pretty dope.
Looking at tech midterm and AppKit and Nissan’s pro-pilot assist, now this is a hands on system because there are no self driving cars on the market today.
I don’t care what anybody else tells you.
Now pro-pilot will take care of the steering, acceleration and braking in stop and go traffic and on the highway.
Top trims added nabby link which uses GPS data to slow down for curves and for highway off ramps, Nissan safety shield 360 suite of drivers AIDS is standard across the board with things like blind spot monitoring and lane departure warning.
However you’re going to have to pay extra if you want things like blind spot and Lane Departure mitigation.
That tech will cost you, inside Nissan has joined the century with a 10.8 head up display.
As well as an available 12.3 inch digital reconfigurable gauge cluster.
The available nine inch colour touchscreen runs Nissan’s infotainment system and it’s supplemented by Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Wireless Apple CarPlay is also available but Android users are going to have to wait a while to cut the cord.
And Nissan didn’t say when it expects that wireless Android Auto technology to be available.
I know, kind of a bummer, right?
While the Pathfinder is available with all-wheel drive, it is still a front wheel drive based platform and it only has seven inches of ground clearance.
I mean, sure it’s got driving modes for standard.
and more importantly, snow, Sand and mud and ruts, but I’m not gonna expect this Pathfinder to really get me into the rocks or through the whoops.
I’m gonna save this guy for soft roading only.
No word on pricing or fuel economy yet, but the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder goes on sale this summer Competing against the likes of the Honda Pilot the Toyota Highlander and the Kia Telluride.
Hey, if you dig Nissan’s guess what the New Frontier Premiere today, and we’ve got a video so you can go ahead and watch that and as always like and subscribe.

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