May 25, 2020
Next iPhone may look like iPad, Amazon waitlisting grocery customers - Video

Next iPhone may look like iPad, Amazon waitlisting grocery customers – Video

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According to a Bloomberg report, Apple’s 2020 iPhone refresh in the fall may be more than just a spec update and the addition of 5g.
According to the report, two of Apple’s higher end iPhones will feature new stainless steel edges that will bring the phones more in line with the iPad Pro design that Apple released in 2018.
Amazon on Sunday said new online grocery customers will be put on a waiting list as it works to meet unprecedented demand for delivery and pickup.
The new Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market customers must now sign up for an invitation to use online grocery delivery.
And pick up and will be notified when they can shop, the company said in a blog post, Amazon said it’s working to a capacity and new customers will be invited every week.
And finally, Amazon on Monday said it will hire 75,000 more workers to help fill a massive surge in orders during the Coronavirus pandemic.
The announcement comes just after the company completed a hiring Blitz of 100,000 additional employees that it announced less than a month ago.
The online retailer also said it now expects to spend significantly more on higher wages during the crisis.
Last month it said it would spend 350 million dollars and updated that number on Monday to half a billion.
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