October 28, 2020
Next Ford Mustang will live through the end of this decade, report says

Next Ford Mustang will live through the end of this decade, report says

The Mustang isn’t going anywhere, any time soon.

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We’ve already heard musings that the next Ford Mustang is coming in 2022, but the Blue Oval apparently plans to keep its next-generation pony car running til 2030.

Automotive News reported Monday, citing sources close to the automaker’s plans, that Ford will keep this next pony car around for eight years. AN’s sources also reaffirmed a 2022 production start date, which would give the next Mustang life through the end of this decade at least.

Ford declined to comment on future product.

An eight-year lifecycle for the next Mustang wouldn’t be totally surprising, since the current car has been around since 2014, but according to the report, Ford originally planned for a shorter, six-year life for the next Mustang.

Previously, Ford perhaps accidentally hinted at a 2022 production date for the revamped Mustang in its own job listing. This past February, the automaker called for applicants on LinkedIn for a winning candidate to contribute to the next-gen Mustang. The listing said this individual would be the “final sign-off” on the “2023 S650 program.” The current Mustang wears the S550 designation.

The 2023 date hints at a model year, which lines up with the rumored 2022 production start. In fact, the job listing also mentioned a 2022 debut. We could still see something late next year, but right now, it looks like we’re a solid two years away from any big Mustang news.

As for the car itself, details are mighty scarce. One persistent rumor, however, points to the Mustang flipping to Ford’s CD6 platform, which also underpins the latest Explorer and theĀ Lincoln Aviator.

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