March 7, 2021
New Asus ROG laptops revealed at CES 2021 - Video

New Asus ROG laptops revealed at CES 2021 – Video

Hi, I believe you are X. People here have been talking about you.
Have you been able to remember anything yet?
If not, I’m going to show you some amazing equipment.
Hopefully, after you watch this, you will get a good collection of what you need.
I hope you like what you see.
Generation after generation LG laptops has continued to push the cutting edge of technology.
We know our gamers wants the very best components.
That’s why we have created a new series of products to take advantage of the latest silicon This generation of powerhouse devices, we’re seeing the latest NVIDIA GeForce r tx 30 series graphics.
Filled with the award winning and P architecture, as well as the AMD ryzen 5000 Mobile series to deliver the full immersive gaming experience.
We know this powerful silicons require optimized cooling to unleash its full potential.
And I am so glad to share with you that with our cooling innovation we are not only meeting that potential, we have sent them to their peaks.
Our laptops are not only cooler, they are quieter.
We have set our own goals to reduce the gaming noise levels from 45 to 40 decibels.
We are able to accomplish this aspiration with negroamaro Thermal compounds with design templates and atana.
LG laptops was the first brand to bring liquid metal cooling into mass production.
We have developed a patented process to apply exotic thermal compounds with follows mechanical procedure.
Thanks to Perla refinements were able to bring liquid medical into all our 2021 allergies up top line.
I will let this laptop also feature a new fan design with a spatial wave around the outer edge.
The parents of template design reduces turbulence so we can achieve highly effective airflow with less noise.
After the self cleaning system, further cleans up airflow by using a shorter anti dust tunnel to create more space around the fan for smoother airflow.
Making the cooling quieter will also help you to appreciate the attention to detail.
We have put into audio experience, while 2021 laptops comes with Dolby, Atmos, virtual surround sound They really put you in the center of the action.
They are also featured with a two way angles cancellation design that makes sure your voice comes across clearly through the background noises of everyday life.
It works with any input device and can also be applied to downstream feeds.
If the noise intrusion happens to come from the other end.
Driven by a desire to give you the very best we can.
We continue to push the industry forward with new displays.
Maximum speed is essential for competitive players, and e-sports where the margin of victory can come down from near the seconds.
And we have consistently we’re the fastest displaced.
In 2021.
We are raising the bar again with the world’s first 360 hertz panel.
With an ultra fast three millisecond response time.
There is no better place to put these panels than our own new Strix scar 17 our top of the line eSports gaming laptop is all about pushing performance to the limits.
It’s no athletic than ever.
Despite smaller footprints.
They won’t weighed you down.
It’s more responsive thanks to the new Optical Mechanical Keyboards that triggers in just 0.2 milliseconds.
The new Strix scar 17 takes advantage of the latest Nvidia dynamic boost technology, offers up to 130 watts of graphic power On Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080.
Streaks Car also offer high performance gaming with AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX.
The unlocked version of the AMD CPU powered by the zen three architecture.
We have invested the new laser aging treatment.
To bring the emissive tech flow on the top cover of juice streaks, it allows us to add different layers of texture through laser etching process.
We are increasingly looking for ways to help gamers express their uniqueness and Streak Sky edition introduces a new way to modify the chassis.
[INAUDIBLE] is customizable armor caps slides off and can be swapped with two additional designs that comes in the box.
You can also customize your personal profile with our G Keystone.
Look closely and you can see subtle hints of how much power lies inside.
We use advanced manufacturing techniques Compounded with fiberglass material to create a translucent accident that offers glimpse under the cruised more assess pro-strict tree family also come in three different loops, electro punk, original black, eclipse gray.
They all come with a past display up to 300 hertz.
We reduce the footprint of this new machines by 7%.
Compared to the last generation, we have upgraded our battery capacity by almost 50%.
The new 90 watt hour battery drastically improved the battery life of strict family.
To make it even more portable in a real world use.
We have added a taxi adapter support up to 100 watts.
This feature is so useful we ended up route to all our laptops in 2021.
Last year we revolutionized gaming laptop was the critically acclaimed our G screenpad.
Plus a secondary display.
It’s widely regarded as the best in the industry.
For 2021 we are making the difference to even better with the special edition.
The new model keeps the innovative as plus cooling system that raises the second display to allow more airflow into the chassis.
But it’s only under the truth.
Our cooling enhancements text the performance of Zephyr steel to new heights Driving an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3080 to 130 watts with dynamic boost technology.
We implemented a unique six phase power design, taking the CPU sustainable power limits to 90 watts, squeezing every drop of performance out of AMD ryzen 950 900 h x We have upgraded allow display options on those news efforts do.
A selection between 120 hertz 4k with Adobe 100% RGB offers stunning visual of cinematic gaming experience or the 300 hertz for speed with three millisecond response time for competitive eSports gaming.
The new Zephyrs 3 O is the black sheep of our Zephyrs family.
It elevates ultra-slim gaming laptop designs.
We have the highest market share in the same gaming category.
Thanks largely to the Zephyrs G14 and G15 which are more accessible enough to bring great gaming experience to a wide range of lifestyle We have completely redesigned Zephyrus 215.
It is five percent smoother and 200 gram lighter than the last generation.
Its best, the Zephyrus G15 is equipped with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 to offer exceptional graphics, a beautiful laptop to behold The GP pin has a total of 8279 CNC perforated matrix codes.
To demonstrate our precision to detail.
We have added shimmery nano imprint lithography film underneath this matrix to refer the unwavering energy of lights.
We have also improved the statics of our vehicle design, adding a double anodized diamond cut.
This is not only optimized for ventilation.
It’s also visually pleasing with a solid trim.
The silky smooth glass touchpad is 20% bigger than its predecessor.
Soft touch, texture Congress coated with folders of environmental friendly water based paints with olders Zephyrs g 15 continued to be the credible or run laptop for gaming and so much more.
The Zephyrs, g 15 upgraded display and audio really raises the bar.
We have integrated a 3d microphone array with different configurations optimized for capturing different.
For any kind of audio, even in the multi directional conferences, there’s also a six speaker setup with both cancelling woofer that delivers crisp clear sound.
I’m sure you will love We have also upgraded the berry to 90 watts, offering uninterrupted video entertainment up to 13 hours.
Last year, we were the first to demo a perfect balance of detail and speed with 1440 p WQ.
Hd 165 hertz display.
With its three millisecond response time, and a full DCI p3 color gamut, this panel is ideal for gamers and creators and it’s the perfect fit for the new zephyrus G 15.
If you want something more complete, the 14 inch zephyrus G 14 has an updated Display Options Up to 120 hertz, 1440p WQHD, along with the play for virtual pet only, that can also be seen on the any matrix display.
The popularity of Zephyrus G14 shows the strong desire for ultra portable gaming laptop that don’t compromise on power.
That’s why this year we are going even smaller with the 13 ROG FLOW X13.
The gravity wave design shows the continuing wave of energy.
We want the design to look like water with different forms and possibilities.
It’s only 15mm thin and weighs only 1.3 kg.
ROG FLOW X13 is compact with impact Powered by gaming graphic of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 and the special edition of Ryzen9 5980 HS.
The best performing ryzen processor that has never been so much power in such small device, but that is not all.
This machine is much more than just a laptop.
The versatile flip phone factors with Gorilla Glass touchscreen, ledger adapt to a wide range of environments and scenario.
Go into the 10 modes and bring console gaming experience into the PC with a controller or use the stylus in the tablet mode to elevate your artistry.
This is one device that can truly go anywhere and do anything.
The Torah 16 by 10 display ratio provides more room to work and play.
And you can choose between to configs tailored for creators with 4k UHD or 120 hz FHD for gamers.
The flow also gets over 10 hours of battery life, and is powered by an ultra compact type C charger, that makes the whole system more portable.
For gamers who want even more graphic power, we have thought something else out of the box, Think of something truly unique.
The LG Flo x 13 x into an external GPU extreme mobile.
That redefines the category and take versatility to the next level.
External GPU has always been having an outlet for the extreme mobile is about the size of the book and is easily been going to a bank.
Which improves efficiency and increases performance.
It also delivers more battery life when you’re gaming on the go.
Max q has reinvented the gaming laptop.
Four years ago the fastest laptops in the world were powered by a GTX 1080.
Picking more power than any of our other laptops.
We achieve this with the compact vapor chamber cooling, they increases the content area by over 50% compared to the traditional heat pipes.
Thanks to the proprietary PCI Express 3.0 by interface Connects directly to the CPU.
With much higher bandwidth than Thunderbolts.
The extreme mobile offers better gaming performance than any other external GPU alternatives.
Extreme mobile includes a dedicated USB link to power the laptop, an integrated IO hub that can drive multiple displays and peripherals.
The whole thing has a integrated 280W adapter that powers the XG Mobile and laptop simultaneously so you don’t have to bring a separate power brick.
There has never been a portable PC gaming platform that’s so powerful and so versatile.
Stay tuned, Omni will show you around the Central Please feel free to experience all the products here.
Okay guys, well that’s the lineup of all the new things coming out here for CES.

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