March 7, 2021
Nest Audio is Google's new smart speaker - Video

Nest Audio is Google’s new smart speaker – Video

Hello, I’m Mark Spitz, and I’m the product lead for smart speakers at Google.
The original Google Home provided users with great sound.
And for the first time, hands free help from the Google Assistant.
Well, we learned a lot since that Germany and one thing that was very clear is that people love music.
Today, we’re introducing a new product for our family, meekness audio.
Our goal was to create the very best smart speaker for listen to music for only $99
What’s really great with this audio as well as NES Mini, is that they all work together seamlessly, one that can easily connect with other speakers and displays, and it can be the centre of your whole home audio system.
We spoke to sound engineers, musicians and audio specialists on our own team.
They told us that there are three key things that you have to get right.
In an awesome smart speaker, more bass more value and maintaining that natural clear sound.
Nest audio delivers 50% more bass 75% more value than original Google Home.
We introduce a 19 millimeter tweeter for consistent high frequency coverage in clear vocals.
Added a 75 millimeter mid woofer that really brings that bass.
As a result, this audio delivers fuller, clearer and more natural sound.
And this really starts to take the music listening experience to the next level.
Next audio is a smart speaker designed for everyone who loves music and it’s available for $99.

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