November 25, 2020
Nearly all Polestar 2 EVs recalled once again

Nearly all Polestar 2 EVs recalled once again

Back to service centers again.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Following a total recall concerning the Polestar 2 electric sedan at the beginning of this month, the brand said on Friday it has issued a separate, new recall for the vehicles. Each of the EVs are included once again for the latest issue.

Polestar said 4,568 EVs will need to come back to the brand to fix a faulty inverter. Earlier this month, Polestar recalled the cars to remedy a problem that caused the cars to lose power while driving. In addition to an inverter, Polestar said the recall includes a number of software updates, but the inverter will need to be done in person.

As with the previous recall, the problems don’t affect any cars in North America, so if you received one of the first cars, Polestar assured us you’re safe. Instead owners in Europe and China will need to get their cars to the proper service center to fix the problem. Hopefully, it’s smooth sailing for the EV from here on out.

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