March 9, 2021
Nail those caramelized crusts with Lodge's new cast-iron bakeware

Nail those caramelized crusts with Lodge’s new cast-iron bakeware

American cookware brand Lodge, known for its hardy home-on-the-range-style skillets and grill pans, is officially moving (further) into the bakeware space and bringing its signature cast iron with it. Lodge recently expanded with a nine-piece line of sturdy cast-iron bakeware — five new pieces and four redesigned — including a pie pan, casserole pan, baking pan and a baker’s skillet, among others. It’s the most comprehensive bakeware offering to date for the 124-year-old Tennessee-based cast-iron cookware producer. 



The entire line can be purchased through Lodge’s website and five are now available through Target, too. In addition to five brand new cast iron bakeware, Lodge has redesigned four of its most popular existing baking pans, like the pizza pan, loaf pan, wedge pan and cornstick pan. Most feature a dual-handle design with rubber grips for easy maneuvering, an easy-release finish and a preseasoned cast-iron surface. 

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One drawback with cast iron is that it’s heavier than traditional bakeware, but what it lacks in mobility it’ll make up for with serious durability and major heat retention. Scorching hot cast iron is perfect if your goal is toasty, crunchy and caramelized focaccia, pie crust, meatloaf, pizza or cornbread.

Though we haven’t had a chance to preview the new bakeware line in our own kitchens just yet, here’s a little info on each piece.


Perfect for getting that crusty, well-defined edge for meatloaf and bread.


This versatile piece moves from the stove to the oven for anything from fluffy rolls to egg frittatas.


Ideal for a holiday gathering or cocktail parties, this wedge pan makes individual servings of hot brownies or savory pies so everyone gets an edge piece.


You know what to do with this. A classic that won’t likely bend, warp or dent — unlike your aluminum or steel baking trays. 


If you want a casserole or macaroni and cheese with those coveted crusty corners and edges, cast iron is the way to go.

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