February 25, 2021
MyQ's smart doggy door can open at your pup's command - Video

MyQ’s smart doggy door can open at your pup’s command – Video

If you and your dog have always wanted a doggie door but you don’t want the neighborhood critters to know you have a doggie door.
My cue has an answer for you.
We’re taking a look at the my cue pet portal right now.
The my cute pet portal is a doggie door that’s designed to look like an ordinary door.
Seriously, you have to replace your entire human size door and then built in is an elevator style set of doors that open and close when your dog wants to come and go, You can actually put a Bluetooth collar on them that the door will sense and then open so that they can go out in the yard and play and or do their business whenever they need to the big downside.
Which is less than you might pay for a dog walker, but still, that’s a heck of a sticker price $3,000 if you don’t want to just turn over the keys to the dog, you can open and close the door yourself remotely with the app.
The door has a built in camera and a two way microphone.
So you can talk to your pal and then let them out and it will automatically close behind them so that the critters don’t get in.
But thankfully it has sensors built in there, so hopefully it’s not going to close on your dog’s tail, fingers crossed.
The my cute pet portal is designed for pets 10 to 90 pounds, so it should fit a wide variety of dogs but sorry [UNKNOWN] Dane lovers.
Otherwise, it also comes in a variety of finishes and materials so you can match the style of your home.
And my cue has packed in a lot of the right stuff here, although I’m really worried about Elevator doors closing on my dog’s tail.
Hopefully that won’t happen and you just get the added smart convenience of letting your dog out when you’re on the go for much more from CES Stay tuned to CNET almost perfect.
I’m just thinking about that dog tail thing, right that’s it makes me nervous.

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