March 1, 2021
Mobile and desktop gaming: Intel reveals S-series and H-series processors at CES 2021 - Video

Mobile and desktop gaming: Intel reveals S-series and H-series processors at CES 2021 – Video

As more and more people look to their PC for entertainment and connections, we continue to see our gaming community grow and strengthen.
In the last year alone, we’ve seen an incredible increase in gaming hours, upwards of 60%.
We gonna continue to fuel that growth with exciting new 11th Gen Intel Core processors across desktops and laptops that elevate gaming performance.
As you saw us preview late last year, the 11th Gen Intel Core S-Series desktop processors are going to provide incredible performance and platform capabilities for gamers and PC enthusiasts.
With IPC gains of upwards of 14% gen on gen our S series processors bring new core architecture together.
Support for 20 PCIE gen, four lanes off the CPU and new AI capabilities.
We’ve gone beyond developing leadership hardware.
Now we’ve worked with hundreds of ISVs to optimize their engines and games for the S series to ensure that gaming plays best on Intel.
And we’ll show you how coming up now let’s talk about the groundbreaking updates to our mobile lineup.
I’m excited to announce the launch of a special edition four CORE 11 Gen Intel eight series processor specifically targeted for ultra portable gaming.
What makes it so special?
We took our super fan technology to gain additional processor speed and paired it with the latest GeForce next gen laptop GPU from Nvidia To deliver a new level of amazingly low latency and immersive gameplay on the go, here’s what to expect.
speeds reaching up to five gigahertz for smoother gameplay.
The fastest architecture with PCIe Gen four off the CPU for fast connections to the newest GPUs.
We’re talking competitive level performance and responsiveness at 1080 P and way more than 70 frames per second, as well as delivering 4k gameplay on the most popular games and And best in class wired and wireless connectivity with Thunderbolt four, an Intel killer Wi-Fi 6 or 6E, a gig plus speeds unlocking the full potential of next generation technologies.
In total, we have more than 50 designs launching from our top OEMs including a Seuss Acer HP veyog in this device from MSI measuring in at 16.6 millimeters thin, you can be confident to find sleek, ultra portable devices delivering the features in real life performance for work, school and impressive gaming.
Let’s hand it back to [UNKNOWN] to show you these new mobile and desktop gaming experiences.
Let’s start with our 11th gen S series desktop processors.
These processors are pushing the limits of performance to drive high framerates and lower latency for gamers and PC enthusiasts.
Here I have Intel’s eight core i seven system with 16 gigs of RAM, an M.2 SSD and one of the fastest consumer graphics cards, the Nvidia 3080 GPU.
Next to it I have an identically configured AMD system except it features their 12 core, our seven processor Both systems are running the latest game from Deep Silver called Metro Exodus.
Our team has created an automated script to mimic a person playing the game to allow us to see both systems played side by side.
As you can see the Intel based system is outperforming competition.
Now let’s take a look at the new mobile gaming experience powered by our four core 11th Gen Intel Core h series processors and paired with the industry’s latest GPU.
This brand new system is ready mission in the latest destiny to expansion beyond light This game has been set at Ultra HD 4K resolution and running at high settings.
Let’s take a look at destiny two on this incredible new platform.
As you can see on our new 11th Gen eight series processor with the upcoming Nvidia GPU, the game at 4K is buttery smooth.
This level of performance is simply unheard of on an extremely thin an ultra portable solution, and I can’t wait to share these frame rates when the GPU launches.
And with that, I’ll hand it back to you, Chris.>> Awesome.
Thanks sonna,Before I hand it back to GB.
I have one more thing to show you We know there’s even more we can do.
So I’m proud to announce that we are bringing the latest in desktop caliber gameplay and creation to mobile with our eight core 11th Gen h series processor.
This is unique in the industry because it’s optimized for the true mobile enthusiast, With features that you normally only find in high-end desktop systems, including reaching speeds up to five gigahertz across multiple cores.
It includes support for PCI gen four architecture with 20 lanes to the CPU.
This is going to give you the flexibility and powers of fastest storage and graphics available today.
Providing close to 40 gigabytes a second, which is five times more CPU attached bandwidth than any other laptop platform outside of our own 10th Gen core family.
This explosive power enables users with the most responsive storage and the ability to fully take advantage of the latest graphics.
For the most immersive gameplay.
Simply put, We’re delivering gamers and creators what they are looking for with an insanely fast processor that also enables all the things they want in their next laptop.
We can’t wait for you to check it out later this year.
Back to you GB.

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