April 13, 2021
Microsoft's social network plans, Facebook culls misinformation - Video

Microsoft’s social network plans, Facebook culls misinformation – Video

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Microsoft and looked into acquiring social network Pinterest.
According to a new report by the Financial Times, talks apparently stalled between the two companies.
Last year reports swirled that Microsoft was interested in purchasing tik tok when tik tok was facing us government scrutiny.
All of this seems like Microsoft still wants to get in the social networking game beyond LinkedIn, which it already owns.
Facebook announced that it removed more than 1 million pieces of content from Facebook and Instagram for containing misinformation about COVID-19 during the fourth quarter of two 2020 the content included fake preventative measures for COVID-19 and exaggerated remedies.
In particular, they were taken down because they could lead to imminent harm.
Hyundai unveiled a new walking vehicle It’s called the transforming intelligence ground excursion robots experiment, or Tiger x one for short.
Tiger X-1 is a working concept that can transition from electric four wheel drive operation to four-legged walking, which allows it to traverse uneven and otherwise inaccessible terrain.
Han die imagines Tiger X1 could be used in a variety of services, like delivering medicine or even help explore the moon.
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