January 26, 2021
Microsoft Surface Duo unboxing: What's inside - Video

Microsoft Surface Duo unboxing: What’s inside – Video

The Microsoft Surface Duo, is a dual screen phone that’s gonna be coming out soon and we’ve got one right here.
We’re gonna be unboxing it.
I already took a look at this device in a prototype non working version.
That showed all of its innards, but I’m going to show you what’s inside the actual surface duo.
And the surface duo.
We can’t show you it turned on until September 10.
It’s a very weird review timeframe.
But in the meantime, I can show you what’s in the box.
This is an Android phone.
But it has two screens.
And they combined to form an effective tablet like viewing ratio.
And here is the device I’ve got next to it a 3ds and a moleskin because it reminds me of both and the dimensions are pretty similar.
The Rubik’s Cube thing is just for fun.
So if we open it up, let’s take a look at what’s in here.
So there’s the device and I already saw this before in a very close to the final version in box, but it feels very sleek.
It’s got a lot of plastic on it.
Let’s take that off.
There’s a lot of glass going on here is a lot of glass Gorilla Glass on the inside Gorilla Glass on the outside.
Let’s put that under there.
And the hinge is really smooth.
I can already feel that it stays It feels a lot like the one I looked at before, which is it should it stays or smoothly at any angle.
So you could tent it up like that.
Let’s put that over here.
Now, let’s take a look at what else comes in here.
A surface do a bumper, Specifically designed to protect your device.
That does not sound promising, because I would hope they would be sturdy enough without a bumper.
Microsoft has not provided any specific drop test promises for this thing.
But that is a rubber bumper that you were going to attach Your duo on the on the edges there.
So, for extra protection, I need to peel off some of those extra parts but the idea is that you do that, It doesn’t look terrible.
It’s like a case but it’s not a case.
It’s weird.
Well, it’s nice that they included anything I guess I mean the iPhone you have to buy your own case.
But what concerning to get a bumper and then let’s see what else is in here.
We’ve got SIM card tool, this is a phone you can put in a SIM card.
There it is.
And let’s put all this over here.
We also have Power supply.
Inside here we’ve got USBC There you go, standard USBC cable.
Put that over on the side here.
With the SIM card tool and the charger, so the charger
is standard brick kind of looks very surface II USB-C charger, notably what’s not in here.
Is a Surface Pen Surface Pen does work with the duo, but you have to get that separately.
So I would have preferred a Surface Pen, bring my own USBC charger.
So we can open this up and take a look at it.
We just can’t turn it on yet.
So that’s the weirdness of the review process for this Sorry but, that will be coming in a future review update.
But, I can show it next to a 3DS.
We can open it up and very similar type of a vibe although, this is more like a mini laptop or device but, it has like similar feel to it.
And again, a moleskin notebook which, If you hold it next to a moleskin has a very notebook you like design that was Microsoft intended that on purpose and that was something that’s inspired the look of it.
We’ll see how book like it feels.
And if you’re curious to see how this compares next to the prototype, which I also have, here’s a look inside the surface duo.
This is a really cool thing that Microsoft sent.
That is the surface do interior and that’s a cutaway showing the double battery.
There’s battery here, this battery here.
A lot of the components that are sensor, separate gyro and accelerometer, proximity sensors to sense where you are with this thing.
Just showing all the crazy tech that’s packed in.
But again, this is what I looked at before.
And just to vet out what the actual duo is, same feel.
You know, these are
pretty much I mean they are the same device according to Microsoft.
This one goes a little bit heavier.
That’s because it’s also got the screen component.
There you go, fingerprint sensor over here, buttons.
camera is on the inside, only one camera, so that’s what we can tell you about the surface duo so far how it actually feels well we’ll let you know when we do a full review.
It’s $1399, available September 10.
And we’ll talk about how much this feels like it’s changing the game and dual screen or not.
Thanks for watching and if you want a deeper dive into the Microsoft Surface duo, including inspiration behind it, and a closer look at its functions, take a look at our video in the link below.

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