March 1, 2021
MBUX Hyperscreen: Mercedes-Benz reimagines the automotive display - Video

MBUX Hyperscreen: Mercedes-Benz reimagines the automotive display – Video

If you’re not getting enough screen time in front of the computer at work, playing on your smartphone all day or watching TV, Mercedes-Benz wants to make sure you don’t go through withdrawal while driving.
The German automaker just revealed its beautiful new NV, US hyper screen ahead of CES Which kicks off next week as a virtual trade show because of the Rona.
Living up to its name, the hyper screen, technically it’s 3 separate screens, but who’s counting.
It’s a ginormous assembly spanning about 56 inches across basically from one a pillar to the other.
That trio of displays there’s one in front of the driver, another for the passenger to play with.
And then of course, a third in the center provides 377 square inches of real estate and it’s all housed under a sheet of glass which makes the whole shebang look seriously space aged and they even integrated some physical air vents onto the thing.
Which is a cool touch.
Of course Mercedes Benz is not the only automaker offering big honkin screens.
I mean, you can get them in Tesla’s or the new escalate from Cadillac and buyten is working on some pretty cool stuff too.
But nothing else is quite like this.
I mean, even the 12.8 inch central display that you can get in the new s class.
I mean, that car’s not even out yet and it.
Basically, looks old fashioned in comparison.
They hyper screen will be optional on the upcoming EQS all electric Sedan which is slated to go on sale at some point this year.
But beyond that, I got to think it’s something the auto maker will adapt to the rest of its line up and pretty short order.
I mean, Maybe not a Sprinter van, but they’d be fools not to really extend this technology everywhere they could.
Powering all those pixels are eight CPU cores and the hyper screen also has a whopping 24 gigabytes of RAM and I don’t mean the truck brand Beyond that advanced hardware there’s also a new user interface to talk about.
The current generation mbu x infotainment system is good but it can be pretty complicated with a steep learning curve.
Cleaning things up.
The hyper screen comes with something called zero layer, which basically puts all of the most important applications right up top.
So you don’t have to dig like a little mirror cat through a bunch of different menus to get it what you need.
But we’ll see how easy all of this will be to use because I’m not totally convinced.
It’s simple, based on what I’ve seen here.
Artificial Intelligence is another cornerstone of mbu x hyper screen system is designed to learn your habits and preferences and respond accordingly.
So if for instance, you always call your mom on Tuesdays after work, it can automatically remind you to do that and hopefully you’re still on speaking terms with her.
If you always use the suspension lift feature at a particular location to say drive up a steep entrance ramp or something, the system can remember that GPS location and then prompt you to raise the car when you return.
It’s pretty clever stuff that should make driving much easier in the future.
The MBUX hyper screen is an intelligent and eye catching new infotainment offering one that appears to give Mercedes Benz a big leg up over its competition.
For now at least because you can bet rival automakers they sit in in park

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