January 23, 2021
Mario Kart Live Home Circuit turned my house into a racecourse - Video

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit turned my house into a racecourse – Video

Nintendo has a brand new Mario Kart game and this time and involves a real car that you’re racing around your living room.
Mario Kart live home circuit is an RC car video game hybrid that connects to your switch.
And uses this car and this camera, to scan your home and overlay video game effects along with what it sees as it drives.
So that’s kinda crazy.
It’s like augmented reality meets RC car.
what you get for $100 is this cart, a bunch of cardboard gates and the ability to sync this with your switch which you need.
And connect with a free app.
A QR code pairs this and then you’re connecting directly to use your switch as the remote control.
The effect when you’re driving and seeing your real world with these video game things overlaid is really awesome.
It felt like I shrunk down really small And entered my own home, and I hit my own foot once and freaked out, cuz I could see that I was now part of the world that I was playing.
It also kinda feels like a theme park ride, almost like something where I had built a special metrical truck in my home.
And that’s what’s really cool about this, is that the overlay of the real world in the video game isn’t always perfect.
There are some things that feel a little bit glitchy at times.
But generally it feels pretty magical, it works well, and it really does feel like you’ve turned your home into a video game.
Now, you do have to keep recreating different courses by painting them as you drive.
The game does not save these courses.
And if you wanna keep playing different challenges and different cups, you’re gonna have to either play the same course over and over again, or you gonna choose to repaint it, but that’s kind of part of the fun and the battery life and an hour and a half.
Sounds short, but I found that we kind of got tired of playing with it before the battery life ran out.
One thing I found though, is that the range of this car is pretty limited, maybe about 12 to 15 feet and then it starts to get really wonky.
So I put myself right in the middle of the course to control it.
In fact, I started to make myself part of the course so that my feet were obstacles, which was pretty fun.
Get ready for that challenge.
So if you want to play with other people, you got to buy another Mario Kart and that’s an extra $100, which adds up really fast, up to four players that’s $400 plus the switches.
You each need a switch.
That’s a ridiculous amount of money.
We just played with one cart and we had fun passing it around between us.
So you could totally do that.
It’s not online playable, but you can definitely play a lot of challenge modes and stuff like that.
I’m not saying you’re necessarily gonna use Mario Kart Live for forever, but I don’t even know what I’m gonna be doing next week.
I mean, I don’t even know what tomorrow holds.
So right now we’re having a lot of fun with this.
The kids really smiled.
It was a blast.
It also really cluttered our home because you need a lot of space to play Mario Kart live.
These cardboard gates that comes with are really big.
And, you know, I found that it ends up filling a medium sized room really fast.
So be forewarned.
Make sure you have the space I’m not so sure I had fun cleaning up though, or picking up the pieces afterwards.
But at least it didn’t take as much time to construct as Nintendo lab.
I had fun raising a car in my home.
I think my kids did too.

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