February 28, 2021
LG shows Cloi UV germ fighting bot at CES 2021 - Video

LG shows Cloi UV germ fighting bot at CES 2021 – Video

Being a musician, traveling is a big part of my life and inspiration, which like so many of you, I desperately want back so you can only guess how great it was to see this awesome new invention from LG.
CLOi bots with UV lamps.
It was for protection against infections.
These amazing robots go around high-touch high traffic areas like hotels and use UV light to help reduce exposure to harmful germs pathway detection with advanced sensors as well as easy mapping function enable autonomic navigation.
So they can work all those different rooms on their own and get real close to furniture and equipment for fast and effective performance.
Control is safe and intuitive, with built in safety lock for automatic shutdown when movement is detected and remote updates for monitoring progress.
Having said that, though, looks like it’s gonna be a while till we can have gigs and parties back on.
So until then I’m gonna chill in my studio and work on my videos and stuff.

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