March 1, 2021
LG introduces OLED TV with new UI at CES 2021 - Video

LG introduces OLED TV with new UI at CES 2021 – Video

Life at home has changed over the last year, and television usage has increased dramatically for watching more live TV streaming more and gaming more.
In light of these trends, providing an unparalleled entertainment experience is even more relevant.
And nothing does this better than an LG OLED TV.
viewers have always been able to count on an LG OLED for the best experience, no matter what they’re watching, and will bring even further innovation in 2021 new panel technology, even more powerful processors with AI capabilities and a completely redesigned web iOS user experience this year LG OLED will continue to set the standard in home theater picture quality, with the introduction of the next evolution of the OLED.
OLED Evo, which features our most advanced panel and processor.
After OLED TVs were introduced.
The first evolution occurred when 4k OLED HDR was launched, providing a new level of realism.
Now, OLED evo found in our new g one gallery series builds upon that bringing a new luminous element that offers high brightness, punchy images with high clarity, detail and realism.
The new TV lineup, which includes an 83 inch screen, size, Greenside.
Will also be equipped with the alpha nine Gen four AI intelligent processor.
With powerful upscaling using deep learning, it makes all content look better.
It also includes AI picture Pro, which can detect objects and backgrounds within scenes, process each separately for clear text And better image rendering.
It can also optimize picture quality by automatically detecting content genre, scene conditions and ambient lighting conditions.
The Gen4 processor also upgrades AI sound Pro with two major improvements.
First, the ability to upmix audio to a virtual 5.1.2 channels.
Giving an incredibly immersive surround experience just using the TV speakers.
Second is auto volume leveling.
This innovation solves the annoying problem of varying sound levels when you switch channels For streaming apps.
The web OS homescreen has been totally redesigned to allow faster access to the content you want to watch, as well as allowing easier discovery of new content based on the user’s preferences.
You can now find the programming you’re looking for far more easily.
Even the popular magic remote has been refreshed for 2021.
And now feels even more comfortable to hold in use.
The button layout is more intuitive, and now includes dedicated buttons for thank-you AI, the built-in smart assistance and content streaming services.
For quick access.
m Some models even have NFC Magic Tap functionality, that will provide a fast connection with mobile devices, for easier access to a host of exciting new features.
For example, just tap the remote, to share content from a smartphone to the TV, or to watch TV content on a smartphone.
Beyond enhanced usability.
Our latest OLED TVs are sure to excite consumers regardless of what they’re watching.
Thanks to key attributes we like to call the four S’s sharp, Swift, smooth and slim, which encompass all of the key benefits that all it offers.
LG OLED is undoubtedly a dream come true for anyone who loves cinema.

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