February 27, 2021
LG amps up the brightness in its 2021 OLED and QNED TVs - Video

LG amps up the brightness in its 2021 OLED and QNED TVs – Video

LG OLED TVs are some of the best TVs you can buy and at CES 2021, which is entirely virtual this year.
The company’s promising to improve their already excellent picture quality even more by making them brighter.
Let’s take a look.
LG is brighter panel which is calling evo as an evolution get it is the first major upgrade in LG Display since HDR in 2015.
Current OLED TVs aren’t exactly dim, but they’re only picture quality disadvantage compared to LCDs like q led models from Samsung and TCL is lower light output.
Those LCDs can be more than twice as bright.
LG is new Evo TVs promised to narrow the gap.
Evo TVs have a new luminous element described as a new layer of green and the WRGB sandwich.
Which,provides more color purity and of course extra brightness.
Exactly how much brighter LG won’t say.
However, LG is only using the EVO panel in one series of 2021 OLED TVs, the G one The company hasn’t announced pricing but the G 1 will definitely cost more than mainstream C 1 models.
All in all, LG announced for a series of OLED TVs for 2021.
The Z 1 which has 8k resolution, the G 1 with the EVO panels, the C 1 which is the mainstream series that includes 48 all the way up to a new 83 inch size.
AMA one which is designed to be less expensive and includes a lesser processor than the other models.
LGs OLED TVs have always been some of my favourites for gaming and in 2021 they’ve upped their game with a new feature set to automatically detect the game genre Whether it’s first person shooter role playing real time, strategy, etc, and adjust the picture automatically to make the game look better.
Of course the TV’s still feature HDMI two dot one connectivity on all inputs which allow it to work with four 4k 120 hertz input variable refresh rate including free sync and Nvidia g sync.
And again all those gaming features are really great for TVs to work with the new consoles like the PlayStation five and the Xbox series x.
Another new extra for 2021 is an optional gallery stand for the 55 and 65 inch series.
It has a sleek look with a minimalist tripod stand.
It looks great in these demo shots.
Of course to make it look this nice you can’t really connect anything to the TV so it’s not that practical.
In addition to its OLED TVs LG also announced new LCD based TVs which is calling cue Ned.
That’s right.
Cue led which is one letter away from the Q LED TVs sold by Samsung and TCL So don’t confuse the two.
In short, they’re really similar LG TVs are it’s best for 2021 and they feature a mini LED backlight system.
The company’s first mini led allow the TV to get very good contrast and brightness in my experience, but of course LG also uses its IPS panel so that might hurt that picture quality a little bit.
Many LEDs are smaller than standard LEDs which allows them to pack more behind the backlight.
And of course the TV has full array local dimming to get the best contrast you can have an LCD type display.
Of course don’t expect it to have as good a picture quality as OLED.
We’re gonna have to see with reviews how the two compare.
That’s a quick look at LG new OLED and Q LED TVs at CES 2021.
Pricing and availability haven’t been announced yet and that’ll come later this year.
I’m David katzmaier for CNET

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