September 28, 2020
Lamborghini names are full of bull - Video

Lamborghini names are full of bull – Video

Couldn’t ash Aventador, Diablo, Lamborghini really knows how to name a car.
Each more Italiano and sexy than the last.
Although Lamborghini names are actually almost all Spanish.
[SOUND] To be honest Italian is such a great language pretty much anything with sound good.
Lamborghini Cassenetto Veloce sounds sexy.
Means fast dumpster.
But Lamborghini names do actually have some cool meanings specifically, they’re full of bull and not always in a good way.
Furniture Lamborghini chose the bull as the logo for his car company because of his star sign Taurus the Bull, but the names of his car started out pretty conventionally.
Lamborghini’s first car was designed to take on Ferrari 250 GT.
It was called the 350 GT.
It was 100 more than Ferrari, but the name did make sense.
It was a 3.5 liter grantor, so 350 GT.
The boring names continued with the next car, the 400 GT.
Which had a four liter engine.
I mean [SOUND] great car, boring name.
Then things start getting interesting.
In 1966, Lamborghini showed off a prototype pf the P400.
A car that would became known As the mirror, and not only did it set the template for what we now know as supercars with its mid mounted engine, and its killer good looks, but also started a tradition of bull inspired names.
Back in, [INAUDIBLE] 1962 Ferruccio Lamborghini visited a bull ranch in Seville, Spain and he was incredibly impressed with the powerful creatures he saw there.
That ranch belong to one Don Eduardo Mira.
The Bulls that Mira bred were fighting bulls huge, powerful, phenomenal creatures that were scary and wild and if not treated with respect would happily.
Rip off your testicles and furniture thought this was the perfect well from which to draw inspiration for the name of his new car.
The mirror had been developed by Lamborghini engineers as a bit of a skunkworks project to get away from the grand tours they had been building and delve into something a little bit more interesting and this exciting car needed a name to match Now it’s worth mentioning at this point, bullfighting is a reprehensible Bloodsport.
And if there’s anything more pathetic than a man trying to stab a ball for fun, it’s paying a ticket to go and watch it.
But let’s just chalk it up to a bygone age.
Bull fighting is still legal in 2020.
let me just google pictures of Matador is getting gourds to make me feel better.
God, right in the bulls.
Anyway, back to Lamborghini, Road Show really had the bug for naming his cars after bulls and bullfighting now.
In 1968 Lamborghini showed up two new cars, Islero Mia spotter these Leros named after one of mirrors fighting bulls that killed a Matador called Manuel Rodriguez.
And while I don’t know anything about the guy, I’m pretty sure he had it coming and a spot I mean sword.
Probably the same Manuel tried to stick in his arrow before it ripped him a new one.
It’s also another name for a Matador.
Another name for a Matador.
It’s and it goes on in 1970 we got the her Rama named after a bowl which is in turn named after the region in Spain it’s from Not to be confused with the her Rama re circuit near Madrid.
1972 we got the Uraco that was another breed of bull that muira bred, it means little bull, small, but fierce, and then to my favorite Countach.
Not only is a car that didn’t look like anything else on the planet or any other planets, it broke the stretch of bull related names.
The story goes that when Lamborghini was building sets at car shows, they had one chap building stuff with him.
He was huge with massive hands and he would work on the small fiddly jobs like making locks.
He didn’t even speak Italian.
He only spoke Piedmontese.
Language only spoken in a small region in northern Italy.
Now countach doesn’t really have a direct English translation, but it was what this guy said every time he saw an attractive woman walk by, countach!
It sounded cool and it was originally only a placeholder name, but it stuck.
And man, it really fits the car.
I mean, Just look at it.
Good dash.
After the contest the ball names came and went.
So let’s play a game of ball or noble
Lamborghini silhouette Borneo ball.
No, it just means Lamborghini Let yelapa bull or no bull.
Yep, that’s another type of fighting bull.
Lamborghini lm 002 bull or Noble.
Yep, that’s a bull named after the legendary robot fighting bull that fought No, No, I’m just kidding.
It’s just that is a numbers but it was based on a military truck called the cheetah.
But is also not a bowl Diablo.
Yeah, that was a bull a pretty ferocious one and I do not recommend anyone become a Matador.
But if you are, don’t take on a bull that’s literally called the devil.
Yep, that was another bull apparently one that survived 24 sort steps.
Now that’s one tough bull guyardo Yep, that’s another breed of boats actually the ancestor breeds to the muira Aventador that was named after an award winning bull.
Good for you, Bill.
Huracan, well it means hurricane in Spanish.
But Surprise, was also named after another bull, Oris not a boat Well, kind of a bull.
It’s actually the ancestor to modern day cattle.
It roamed through Asia in Europe and Northern Africa went extinct in the early 17th century.
So let’s call it Bull adjacent which kind of works because the arrest is an SUV.
So let’s call that supercar jacent reventon.
Yep, that was another bull that also means small explosion Veneto.
That was the fastest bull in the history of bullfighting.
A stereo, that was the name of a minor tour.
So half bull half dude.
The Centenario was named for the centenary of frutos birth.
And cn means lightning flash in Bolinas.
So that’s a pretty high hit rate for bull related names.
It started off as a simple reference to a star sign and ended as a full reverence for bulls, bullfighting and bullfighting terms.
And while bullfighting can go [BLEEP] itself, the cars whose names inspired well, they were anything.
But ****.
I hope you’ve learned something today.
If there are any other current names you want us to delve into, please let me know in the comments below.
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My name is Drew Stern.
Until next time, we’ll see you later.

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