March 6, 2021
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Kohler’s crazy bathtub highlights a CES lineup of smart fixtures – Video

At CES Kohler showing off a whole slew of new smart toilets and faucets and bathroom fixtures, including a $16,000 bathtub that will remind you of soaking in a tub at a Japanese spa.
It’s luxurious.
It’s crazy, and we’re taking a look at that and everything else right now.
Obviously, we’re going to start on that bathtub.
This is called the stillness bath.
And what you’re looking at is the full $16,000 experience, complete with greats in the floor.
So you can create that infinity overflow and something called an experienced power which is where that mist is coming from.
That’s not Trick of the camera.
You’re actually looking at Mist over the bathtub.
It’s certainly looks luxurious complete with colored lighting and everything.
You need to relax in a spa-like experience in your bathroom.
Assuming you’re willing to pay $16,000 for a bath which is how much my [UNKNOWN] Have a fancy car than yellow.
But you don’t have to go all in, if you want something like this.
They do offer four tiers of the product.
At the lowest, it’s just over $6,000 so it is still not cheap.
But you get the freestanding tub.
It’s a Japanese soaking style tub.
It’s two and a half feet deep.
Then at the next level, they add the autofill feature.
So you can talk to your smart speaker or with the app and say, hey, fill it half full to 98 degrees or I don’t know whatever temperature you like your bath 102 sounds nice.
Then at level three, they add the experience tower so that’s when you get the mist.
You can add essential oils to that for a little bit of aroma therapy.
And then the full spiel is at $16,000.
That’s where you get the grates for the Infinity overflow and the lighting and just, I don’t know, probably a personal Butler or something like that.
Now, not everything that Kohler showed off is at that level of Exuberates there are other things including just a simple smart toilet that lets you activate it with a wave of your hand.
And to go along with that there is a little Puck that you can instal retrofit to your existing Kohler bathroom faucet and you can wave your hand over that puck and cause your bathroom faucet to go on or off as well.
They’ve remodeled some of their similar faucets from the kitchen.
And really what they’re trying to do is a touchless experience through apps.
So different models, different designs, both from the toilet and the bathroom, faucets, the kitchen faucet and being able to wave your hand and not touch it.
Now the toilet you can still flush normally if you’d like.
And, that little Puck does need to be installed on a single faucet Kohler bathroom faucet.
It won’t retrofit to anything, but Kohler is also debuting a standalone faucet If you’re remodeling and would rather replace the thing anyway, that comes with that touchless technology built right in.
And speaking of fancy toilets, Kohler isn’t stopping it.
Just one Rican wave your hand
They’re actually rolling out what they’re calling an entry level smart toilet called the innate toilet.
If you walk up to it the lid will open when you walk away it will close and flush all on its own super fancy.
It also has a built in seat warmer and a day.
It’s entry level because it’s not actually app connected.
They have another fancier toilet That is controllable with an app and you can flush it remotely if you wanna, I don’t know scare a relative while you’re out and about and last but not least, Kohler has partnered with thin to try to help you manage and spot leaks in your home.
They’ve debuted two versions of this water sensor One is $300 it’s DIY, you can install it yourself under your sink.
And just by hooking up to the pipes under the sink, it will be able to detect the water usage in your whole home.
And so, you’ll know if something’s up and it spikes dramatically, because there’s a leak.
If you wanna take that next step, there is a $500 version of the sensor that connects to your main pipes and can actually shut off the water automatically in the case of a leak, which sounds pretty cool, but you’re paying a little bit more and you’re gonna need to pay for professional installation.
Either way, a nice smart safety device that’s a good add two colors line similar to what motion and flow have for their line of bathroom and kitchen products.
So from leak detectors that can shut off your water to toilets you can wave at two super fancy bathtubs cooler showed off a lot.
It’s yes especially if you’re into smart bathroom upgrades.
Or you want a luxurious spa experience in your own home.
And I’m looking forward to testing some of this stuff out Fingers crossed at the CNET smart home.
Thank you for watching for much more from CES.
Stay tuned to CNET.

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