February 26, 2021
Jeep shows off the three-row 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Video

Jeep shows off the three-row 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee – Video

Rejoice Grand Cherokee lovers, the new steed is finally finally here.
Jeep is rolling out an all new fifth generation Grand Cherokee and this time it’s got three rows.
Now you might be asking yourself why roll out of three row Grand Cherokee now when Jeep just announced the upcoming Grand wagoneer well it’s all about that Platform baby, you see the Grand Wagoneer is an old school body on frame vehicle.
The Grand Cherokee L, as it is officially known, that is going to ride on a new unibody.
And although I haven’t received full pricing for either one, we do know that a fully loaded Grand Wagoneer, will be worth of $100,000.
Now I doubt the Grand Cherokee will come anywhere close to that, especially when you consider that the current two row model sits right at around 40 G’s.
So how much bigger is a grand cherokee elden the current two role model quite a bit actually.
Now, keeping in mind that the two row will get revamped later in 2021.
So I’m going off of what is currently available.
Grand Cherokee L is right around 17 feet long overall well over a foot longer than the two row model.
The wheelbase sits at around 10 feet about seven inches longer than that to row model.
However, the Grand Cherokee L is right about the same width safer, a few tenths of an inch here or there.
Jeep says that the new L is big enough to be considered a full size vehicle, the one that we all know and love from the past that isn’t mid size.
As for that third row, well the spec sheet says that it’s got 37.3 inches of headroom and 30.3 inches of leg room.
And that seems to be right about mid range.
It’s more than the Toyota LandCruiser but it is less than the Kia telluride Now, it may seem a little bit wierd that I mentioned the Toyota Land cruiser and the Kei Italia right here because they are two totally different SUVs in price capability and construction.
But honestly the Grand Cherokee L seats in a really wierd space.
I mean, think about it.
This i a unibody, three road crossover with actual off-road shocks.
I mean, my first thought is a Land Rover Discovery but it’s much shorter overall and likely it’s more spendy.
Same with the defender 110.
The Toyota Land Cruiser and four runner are both body on frame as our GM new Yukon and tow.
The Kia telluride.
Well that’s a three row unibody crossover but again, much shorter overall and isn’t really positioned for off road although it did take second place in this year’s rebel rally so it ain’t too shabby.
The Ford Explorer comes closer in size, but again, it kind of suffers in the off pavement department.
Long story short here.
If you are cross shopping for a grand Cherokee L just prepared for a lot of weird compare those.
All right?
Let’s move on to looks, now even though this isn’t a wagon air, the grand Cherokee still takes a few design cues from Jeep’s original luxury SUV.
You’ll see it in the long hood and cab and the familiar seven slot grille is actually tipped slightly forward just like the old wagoneer and trapezoidal wheel arches.
You got them just like back in the good old days.
Now however many queues there are to the past on the outside of the Grand Cherokee l on the inside.
It is all 2021 I’m talking about a 10.25 inch customizable gauge cluster, plus a 10.1 inch screen for the uconnect five infotainment system.
Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are here as is wireless charging for two devices and a total of 12 USB A and C ports.
Heck even Alexa home to car is shown up There’s also a trick new Uconnect feature that parents have small kids are gonna love.
I mean, I guess I don’t know, I don’t have kids.
But hey, there is a second row camera with an infrared that lets you check on to near an angel even in the dark so you can make sure that being perfect little kid Kids, now we’ve seen this before on the Pacific a minivan but it’s pretty cool to see the tech jump to other brands in the FCA portfolio.
Just as importantly, the new interior looks a lot nicer than the aging cabin of today’s model.
It’s even available with open pour waxed walnut trim.
I’m not sure exactly what that is, but I mean it sounds nice.
And with a stiffer new unibody the roof should be a lot quieter to If you’re a sucker for a comfy seat and I know I am you will get available heated first and a second row seats and available besides my gosh I love a massage chair.
Now these are only back massages.
There’s no full seat massage kind of a bummer but a half a massage is better than no massage at all.
Am I right?
And for those that hate swamp **** ventilated first and second row seats are also available.
Jeep is super excited about its new available Driver Assist systems, while hands on automated driving using lane centering technology as well as adaptive cruise control may be new for the Grand Cherokee.
This text been around for quite a while and other manufacturers SUVs.
However the company says that the Grand Cherokee l will offer level two hands free driving at all speeds and Lane centering on approved roadways.
Unfortunately that last bit of tech won’t arrive until the 2022 model year.
In the meantime, Jeep will let you spec a rear camera mirror color head up display Macintosh premium audio and even a night vision camera so those deer that run out in front of you on the mountain, they won’t get the better of you Now I can’t talk about Jeep without talking about off road capabilities.
I mean, sure, the Grand Cherokee L is not going to be any kind of a rock crawler.
But still drivers have their choice of three four by four systems that come with a terrain management system and there’s even a Quadra lift air suspension.
However, don’t look for much to be new here, buyers can still opt for the single speed of quarter track one transfer case with full time four wheel drive.
Quadratec two adds a low gear while the Quadra drive two gets all of the above plus an electronic limited slip differential.
Now I’m still a little bit leery about your suspension but I can’t deny its versatility and the Detroit build a grand cherokee long hair certainly get some improvement with more range and quicker inflation and deflation times.
Jeep also says that the improvements in the air suspension allow for almost an inch more of suspension travel and more travel is always good.
The standard right height of the Grand Cherokee L is 8.5 inches above the air suspension can bump that up to 10.9 inches and allow for 24 inches of water 14 When setting that offer to mow the Grand Cherokee delivers up to a 30.1 degree approach angle, a 23.6 degree departure angle and 22.6 degree breakover angle.
Now that’s not as good as Land Rover Defender but it’s within striking distance of the Toyota Land Cruiser and it’s way better than the Ford Explorer and the Kia Telluride The train management system has modes for auto rock, sport, snow, mud and sand and that adjust parameters such as the torque split, the transmission and throttle mapping, the steering and the suspension attraction, stability control and the ABS all to suit that selected condition.
Under the hood again, it’s kind of more of the same old same old standard is the 3.6 liter pentastar v six engine good for 290 horsepower and 257 pound feet of torque and optional 5.7 liter V eight pushes out 357 horsepower and 390 pound feet of torque and both are mated to an eight speed automatic transmission.
Now the V8 can even tell up to 7200 pounds, which Jeep says is class leading.
And there’s a new front axle disconnect system so when you’re on the highway, you don’t have to be pushing those front wheels.
Rear wheel drive J baby.
If payload is your jam well it varies by trim.
Before wheel drive summit with the V8 can only handle 1200 pounds, but a two or four wheel drive limited with 3.6 liter That can haul at 1410 pounds of gear.
Now you may notice that I didn’t say anything about 6.4 litre supercharged V8, that’s because there’s no trackhawk I know it’s kind of a bummer right?
There isn’t even a Trailhawk trim you guys at least not yet.
Instead, buyers will have their choice of Laredo, limited overland and summit trims, the latter of which is going to be available with a new super posh reserve package.Now we don’t have any word on pricing but the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee l will arrive in the second quarter of this year.
It’s all new to row companion will show up later in the year as well as a four by eight electrified a plug in hybrid version pretty sweet.
Now, I’m stoked to see a three row Grand Cherokee and some of its new user friendly tech.
However, I’m a little disappointed just see virtually no improvements in the off road capability or in the power trains.
I will of course reserve judgment until I drive it but on first glance, the Grand Cherokee l looks to be a solid if evolutionary step forward, but who knows maybe the two row Grand Cherokee non l model is gonna have some offered party tricks up its sleeve when it shows up.

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