January 25, 2021
iPhone iOS 14.2 update brings new emoji, Sony says PS5 sold online only - Video

iPhone iOS 14.2 update brings new emoji, Sony says PS5 sold online only – Video

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New features are arriving on iPhones.
Apple’s iOS 14.2 is now available for download.
The operating system update brings with it some cosmetic perks like new emojis, an Wallpapers.
But it also has some new tricks like Intercom support with the Apple Home Pod Smart speaker.
And there’s lighter based people detection for those with the new iPhone 12 Pro, Anne Pro Max.
Now people detection is pitched as an accessibility feature for the blind or vision impaired.
Because it uses a sensor to tell when people are within a 15 foot radius of the phone.
If you’re looking to get the new PlayStation console, don’t go looking for one in a store.
Sony confirmed that the PS5 will only be available online at launch due to the corona virus pandemic.
Now if you did pre order one for pick up at a local retailer, you can still pick it up at the designated appointment time.
But don’t expect to just show up on launch day to get one.
The PS5 comes out November 12th in the US and Australia and November 19th in the UK.
Meanwhile, plenty of early Black Friday Deals have begun to roll out in various retailers online.
Verizon has some aggressive deals to lure people to its network.
When the iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max are set to pre order on Friday the wireless carrier will offer a buy one get one free deal.
If you switch or add a new line.
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