January 27, 2021
iPhone 12 includes Smart HDR 3 and improved Night Mode - Video

iPhone 12 includes Smart HDR 3 and improved Night Mode – Video

A 14 bionic also combines with our cameras, and powerful software to deliver the new door camera system of iPhone 12.
It has the ultra wide camera that people love and use to take inspiring photos in creative ways.
iPhone 12 also has a new wide camera.
With an F 1.6 aperture our fastest yet, this allows more light to hit the sensor making every photo better.
Along with the wider aperture we develop our first seven element lens to maintain sharp detail in your photo from edge to edge.
This delivers a 27% improvement in low light performance.
So photos and videos all around will have less noise and brighter results like in this photo with fantastic detail in her hair, clothing, and the sun’s reflection on top of this, we use computational photography to deliver even more powerful.
New features are smart HDR, three can use to bring out details and faces.
Like you see here when the sun is so bright behind her.
Now it understands scenes with machine learning and applies more adjustments to distinct parts of the photo.
For example, smart HDR three brings out more detail in the rocks and uses sky segmentation to adjust for color contrast and noise.
Computational photography also enables night mode which has been called the best in the industry.
Night mode on iPhone 12 gets even better.
The faster aperture captures more light, and now we are expanding night mode to all cameras in the iPhone 12, for the first time on the ultra wide and front truedepth camera, which is perfect for night mode selfies.
This is without a flash.
These cameras are incredible.
Let’s take a look at other photos shot on iPhone 12.
This photo makes use of the ultra wide lens while maintaining sharpness and clarity like you see in the branches and leaves.
Here’s another ultra wide photo shot from below.
Just look at the amazing details in the clothing and chandelier and this low light portrait photo.
The color and warm light in the background come together seamlessly for video, I found continues to lead the industry with the highest quality video and with the larger aperture iPhone 12 video will get even better with big improvements in lower light.
We’re adding night mode, time lapse with longer exposure and brighter frames when using a tripod.
We wanted to show you I phone 12 in action.
So here is a video we shot and edited entirely in I phone 12

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