April 11, 2021
In chilling movie about murder hornets, a scene of slaughter - Video

In chilling movie about murder hornets, a scene of slaughter – Video

As I approached the hive, I looked down, and there were 1000,s of bees that had been slaughtered.
I was just praying to God that once I opened the hive, I would find the Queen, still alive.
But as soon as I opened up that lid, and I peered in, all hope was gone.
Not at that point 60,000 of my honey bees had their heads chopped off.
It’s kind of like finding a family pet or maybe even like a family member that got killed and you have no idea who did or what did it or what the heck happened.
You just get that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach that Something terrible has happened.
I called my wife Dorothy and I was like, hey, Dorothy, you’re not gonna believe this.
We We just lost a whole colony and she said what happened?
The first thing that anyone says whenever something bad happens, is well what happens if someone dies?
What happened or someone breaks an arm, What happened?
Well, that’s exactly what she said, What happened?
Juggling kids and then hearing this and at the time I was pregnant, so [SOUND] stressed This dress will call.
She cannot believe it like her.
Her jaw was dropped.
Now I’ll never forget she took her hand and she kind of like raked it through the bodies just looking at it like real quiet, you know?
And and actually should I should get choked up about silly bees.
You know well I guess to us is not silly bs right.
Hang on a second, to compose myself.
If I had a chalk, and he did the little outline of a, scene.
Hey, you could easily do it around obese ,and it’s a murder scene.
I had a lot of theories in my mind, I thought maybe someone came in, and gasps my bees and then.
Decided to cut their heads off some satanic cult, at that point who knows when suddenly that mysterious happens?
I mean anything is a possibility at that point.
It’s just just a helpless feeling because I know how to take care of my bees.
I know how to keep my bees strong, healthy.
And, I take care of my bees, and my bees take care of our family.
And that’s what I do.

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