January 24, 2021
Hyundai Kona EV recalled in Korea, US as a result of battery fires

Hyundai Kona EV recalled in Korea, US as a result of battery fires

It’s not clear if US-spec models may suffer from a similar issue.

Andrew Krok/Roadshow

Following a handful of reported Hyundai Kona EV battery fires, the automaker issued a recall for a potential fire risk in its home country of South Korea. Reuters first reported on the recall on Thursday and said a total of 25,564 of the electric crossovers are included. 

Roadshow received confirmation from Hyundai that the US would also be subject to this recall. It didn’t reveal how many cars are affected here. It did say that it was in the process of filing a voluntary recall with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, with owner notices set to go out soon after.

Not only will the recall procedure include software updates, but some of the Kona EVs may receive total battery replacements following an inspection. Hyundai has remained quiet on the possible battery issue after a reported Kona EV fire in South Korea this past May and another possible battery fire in Canada that led to an explosion. 

Hyundai previously told Roadshow it released a battery management software update following these incidents and didn’t comment on the fire investigations this past June. 

LG Chem supplies batteries for the electric crossover and told Reuters in a statement a reenactment of the event leading up to the Korean fire did not produce the same result, which led it to conclude battery cells were not the cause of the fire. It still plans to investigate the issue with Hyundai, however. LG Chem did not return Roadshow’s request for comment.

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Update, 11:47 a.m. PT: Adds confirmation from Hyundai that US models are affected.
First published 7:43 a.m. PT, Oct. 8.

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