October 31, 2020
Huawei unveils P40, P40 Pro and Pro Plus - Video

Huawei unveils P40, P40 Pro and Pro Plus – Video

Today this year, yeah 2020 we bring you the new P 40.
We will leave with your mobile photography to a new height.
This is Huawei T40 and a P20 Pro.
And also today, we also bring you
The phone size is the same.
The Huawei P40 brings you a visionary design,Timeless Elegance.
[BLANK] And this time, the first time introduces our Nano-Tech Ceramic, 5 days of Kirin.
This one is ceramic surface, five days killing nanotech ceramic.
Bring you a similar curvature of this back.
The mirror is a custom cutting head.
And also the surface is highly scratch resistant and durable.
Because the ceramic is very strong.
The diamond-like shining but in Sapphire-like toughness on the surface is amazing, the premium material
And the design of this, you see the layout of this back is a horizontally.
The camera lens and the [UNKNOWN] logo is all horizontally layout.
We bring you out of balance to this and you see the detail we bring you [UNKNOWN] Amazing, premium detail that actually the light reflecting lie on the camera.
A sleek, professional for you to take the horizon really take a professional photo and video.
And this form bring you the Quad-curve overflow display.
Is the first one and the only Quad-curve overflow display.
This is very unique,it looks like water overflow on it.
It’s giving you really bodies immersive experience.
You see the culture of this very unique culture.
Luxury streamline curvature.
And this Quad curvature bring your smooth operation.
Especially adjust your operation from outside the swipe in and the bottom swipe in.
More smooth operation for your swipe.
Sneaky culture for comfortable holder.
Bring you abolish DC the P 30 Pro.
Today the P 40 Pro mp 40 Pro plus pushing the boundary To bring your immersive experience.
This is our best display panel, 6.58″ flexible OLED display with very high resolution, more than 440 PPI.
The illusion is more than your eyes can identify.
And you can support 90 hertz screen display ratio for as you fracture ratio.
Bring your smooth operation.
And wiki with a high resolution and a high screen display, refreshing ratio.
The best combination our good quality, good operation, smooth operation and also low power consumption.
We can make use of screens more high resolution or more higher refresh rate, but that means more higher power consumption.
That will give you the best balance of the best resolution for your eyes.
And also, the low power consumption for high smoothness smooth operation.
Capacitive buttons and on this screen, very good color in cinema cinematic color system.
It’s about a DCI P3 HDR, high color saturation, high contrast ratio and the P 40.
We’re also using a 6.1 inch also flexible all later More than 420 PPI is more than capable for your eyes.
This is also DCI-P3 HDR display.
Anti blue light and cinematic color system, also the best quality, flexible display.
And we give you.
Yearly compact, ultra narrow bezel.
You can see the left and right the model is so small, not only the left to the right, but also the top and bottom are also very compact, you know and you can see that even our P 40.
More compact is a more narrow bezel compared to the dollar flexible phones.
And the P 40 pro and P 40 plus, much more compact, is really amazing bother this bottle is fading, bodily appearance.
It’s unbelievable how compact this phone it is.
Are 6.1 inch, much narrower than the other phones?
Only 71.1 millimeters, much narrower than the other phones are large screen 6.58 inch phone, more large screens and our phones much narrower, much compact than the other forms only 7.2, 72.6 millimeters [APPLAUSE] And variable come back.
[APPLAUSE] Our 6.58 inches much larger screen phone even narrower than the other 6.1 inch phone and variable American engineering work.
And a more lighter, more large battery inside.
You can see this ceramic surface because of ceramic p 40.
Pro unit ceramic back.
See regular density material density higher is the same rate as our phones but more or less battery inside P40 and P30.
Pro, more or less battery, more lighter.
A new generation in screen fingerprint which you achieve the 30% up and lock speed P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus IP six to eight rated wasn’t doesn’t really apply at 40 ip 53 rate.
This is a new column I swiped Everything as you know Huawei fraction phone we are leading the smartphone industry in such a color changer.
This is a mysterious, ice White is very unique.
And also we bring you.
We bring you elegance, deep sea blue.
The classical black.
We are using the new technology.
The new matte finishing technology.
This new matte finish technology at this matte finishing is a fingerprint resistant, but with this refractive effect you, the matte finishing is a constant you can see the light reflecting from the surface.
This make this really amazing, beautiful.
We bring two color using this matte finish technologies.
This is amazing silver frost color.
Very unique.
This is the color, the silver frost.
Another very unique color, blush gold.
This one is good.
A ceramic white is purely amazing premium gadget
And a classical ceramic black is a really amazing color.
So on P40, we have five colors for your selection.
The traditional classical black and with a deep sea blue, ice white, mysterious ice white.
And a very unique a silver frost and a plush good and the P40 Pro.
Also fire color for your selection and the P40 pro pass.
Two unique color, premium, elegant color ceramic black and a ceramic white collar production.
Two colors for your selection.

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