February 28, 2021
HP's work laptops at CES 2021 are made for micro mobility - Video

HP’s work laptops at CES 2021 are made for micro mobility – Video

HP has a whole fleet of new work laptops at CES 2021.
And those include an updated elite dragon fly g two, and the new elite folio and elitebook.
Arrow and The HP Envy 14.
And all of them have features aimed at people who might not be working in the same place every day, even if that place is their home.
Let’s take a look.
The Elite dragon fly jeetu.
It was announced at last year CES, but it’s now updated with 11th Gen Intel processors.
Otherwise it’s pretty much the same excellent little two in one currently available It weighs less than 2.2 pounds has optional 5G or 4G Wireless and it has a built-in title tracker.
So if you misplace it in your house or anywhere else, it can help you track it down.
HP also has the new dragonfly Max and that takes the G twos video chat features up a notch with four wide range mics.
With AI noise cancellation and five megapixel webcam, so it’s definitely a step up from the 720 p cameras you’ll find on almost all other laptops.
No pricing was announced.
But the current G2 starts at around $1500 and they’ll be available later this month.Next up is the elite folio and this is sort of an update to the Spectre folio two and one though that one is for consumers and this one is meant for commercial users.
Now instead of a rotating display or detachable keyboard like most other two in ones, the folio, it starts off more like a typical clamshell laptop, but then you can move its screen forward and rested just behind the touchpad.
So, it’s in a better position for video chats or watching video.
Or giving presentations.
And then you can move it forward and lay it sort of flat on top of the keyboard.
And you can use it as a tablet on your lap or the desk.
And there’s an ES pen store just above the keyboard, and it’s ready for you to quickly jot down notes and you can even have it launch an app as soon as you pick it up out of its storage spot.
Now instead of Intel Inside here, it’s running on the second gen Qualcomm Snapdragon AC x 5g compute platform.
So you get 5g Wireless if you want, and it has incredible battery life of more than 24 hours of local video playback according to hp.
Also, the whole thing is wrapped in vegan leather and I’m not 100% sure what that means.
But presumably it’s not made from vegans.
I’ll have to get back to you on that though.
The Elite folio is expected to be available in February and no pricing was announced.
But the specter version, that’s covered in actual leather, that one starts around $1,100.
So, those are both two in ones but if you just want a lightweight work laptop with some of the features in the dragon fly and the folio, HP has the ELITEBOOK 840 G8 AERO and it’s called the AERO because it’s under two and a half pounds, which HP says makes it the world’s lightest 14 inch business laptop.
It too has the 11th Gen Intel Core processors built in tiled tracking and the optional 5g wireless.
There are three mics on this one.
One of them on the outside of the laptop.
So if you’re having a conference call with another person in the room, their voice gets picked up just as clearly as yours does.
It’s also available with HP privacy features for blocking its webcam and its mics and it has a sure view privacy screen option that helps block what’s on your screen from anybody who might be shoulder surfing.
Now the elitebook arrow is expected in March and unfortunately like the others here HP didn’t announce pricing.
What I do know the price of is the new HP Envy 14.
This one will start at $1,000 later this month.
And it’s not exactly a commercial laptop, but it is made for creatives for work.
The 14 inch display is color calibrated at the factory, and covers 100% sRGB color gamut.
And it’ll be available with up to an NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q discrete graphics card.
It’ll have AI Noise Removal for its mics too.
But really its most interesting feature, is that HP gives you the option to turn the display into a ring light of sorts so you’re brighter during your video chats.
So there you have it.
Those are some of HPS big laptop announcements for CES 2021.
I’m guessing we’re going to see a lot more laptops this year with features aimed at people working from home or doing a hybrid of home and office like the 5g for those who maybe don’t have the best Wi Fi at home or better webcams and mics.
What do you think?
Let us know and thanks for watching.

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