December 4, 2020
How to keep your electrified car healthy - Video

How to keep your electrified car healthy – Video

Most of us have a pretty good idea of how to take care of our cars, change the oil, use the right gasoline, maybe don’t run to the red line in every traffic light.
But how many of you actually know how to take care of the batteries in electric car?
They need TLC2.
So here are five top tips for taking care of the batteries in electric car or plug in hybrid.
The first tip is all about how you charge your car.
Namely, don’t charge it all the way to the top every time.
Yeah, I know it’s nice to have maximum range at your disposal anytime you get in your car.
But topping your pack up to the very top will actually wear it out more quickly.
To prevent, a lot of EVs will actually keep you from fully charging the car, such that even if you see 100% on the dashboard, it’s actually closer to 90 or 95.
Or many EVs will give you the option of setting a maximum amount to charge your car.
Finally, some homerun charges can be programmed to stop at a certain point to however you do it if it works with your lifestyle trying to get in the habit of only charging up to 80% or so, save the full charges for the days when you really need to go for.
Our second tip is really a continuation of the first which is don’t drive your Eevee so far that you’re always cruising into the charger on fumes.
Whenever possible, you wanna leave some amount of charge in your battery pack.
Otherwise you’re gonna be putting extra weight on that battery.
Now most of us will again, make sure that you don’t go all the way down to 0%.
But still if you can keep it at 10 or 15% minimum, your battery pack will thank you.
Our third tip is about long term parking if your car’s gonna be sitting for a while, don’t leave it anywhere near empty.
Evie batteries can slowly decline as they sit and if they get to zero, you could be in trouble.
So if your car’s gonna be sitting there for more than a couple of weeks, make sure it’s pretty well charged before you park or if you can park somewhere that you can plug it in.
Tip number four is all about cold temperature.
Our cars battery packs are a lot like us in that they don’t like being too hot or too cold.
More advanced modern TVs rely on a fancy active thermal management systems to moderate pack temperature.
But even they won’t help much if your car’s parked in the baking sun for a few weeks.
Climate Control garage is obviously the best case scenario when parking was shorter that try to at least keep your car parked in the shade.
If you live somewhere that gets particularly hot.
Finally, as much as we love fast charging, high speed DC chargers like those from electrify America or Tesla superchargers can put a lot of strain on your battery pack.
Just like your phone gets warm when you’re charging it, the cells in your battery pack and get hot as well.
And that can degrade performance.>> Fast charging occasionally isn’t a big deal.
And studies have shown that fast charging regularly will only impact the overall health of your battery by a few percentage points, even if you do it for years.
But still if you wanna.
keep things cool Stick to level two chargers as often as you can.
There you go five tips to keep the battery pack in your Eevee healthy, keep your battery pack happy and it’ll take you far literally.

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