April 13, 2021
How the Lincoln Nautilus beats the Aston Martin DBX - Video

How the Lincoln Nautilus beats the Aston Martin DBX – Video

The 2021 Lincoln Nautilus may not look new, like at all but it has been significantly refreshed.
And now it’s got a better interior than an Aston Martin dbx x. What?
Okay, okay, let me explain.
So the Nautilus’ exterior was barely and I mean barely touched.
But this luxury utility vehicles cabin is a completely different story.
You see the interior has been comprehensively overhauled and it is far nicer than before.
The old cockpit has been tossed in the trash like a used sandwich wrapper replaced by something much more inviting.
With the horizontal layout, the rework dashboard brings to mind the interiors of larger Lincoln’s like The Aviator and navigator, which is not a bad thing.
But how the hell is a gussied up Ford Edge better than a frickin Aston Martin dbx x which starts at $180,000.
Well, there are several ways and the most obvious one is technology.
You see, the DB x is saddled with a pre historic Mercedes Benz command infotainment system.
Yeah, it’s like a decade old literally.
Now this ancient multimedia array with its tired graphics and outdated user interface is displayed on a 10.2 inch screen on the center stack and that is augmented by a 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster.
Now at long last Apple CarPlay is offered so Hooray for that.
And as for Android Auto, well, let’s just say you’d better have an iPhone.
In comparison, the Nautilus boost Boasts of a 13.2 inch touch screen the largest in Lincoln history.
It is home of a modern synch infotainment system that’s not only speedy but beautiful thanks to a new visual theme called constellation which is designed to resemble the evening sky.
This Lincoln also supports wireless Apple car play as well as Android auto plus just like the DBX It has a digital instrument cluster.
The Nautilus even lets you use your phone as a key so you can leave the clunky farm at home.
Of course the DB X has a beautifully designed interior with lots of high end leather and fancy stitching holding everything together and it looks Primo and is plenty spacious with a big back seat.
But some interior elements are regrettably pretty bargain base.
What I mean, roadshow managing editor Steven Ewing commented in his review about the flimsy air vents and how many of this Aston Martin’s buttons and switches feel cheap which is a real shame.
Now this is not to say the Nautilus interior is perfect, not by any stretch.
But just like the DBX, it comes with loads of cut and sewn materials.
Beyond that the two available Black Label themes deliver even more premium goods as well as additional owner benefits.
One of those themes is called chalet which has light and dark contrast and colors as well as silverwood applicate.
The other is flight, which should offer rich tan leather offset by swanky engine turned accents And unlike the Aston in this video, non of the Lincoln switches and controls feel good, including the brand’s signature piano key shifter.
Now I get it comparing these two SUVs is kinda pointless, I mean no Lincoln will ever have the brand cachet of Aston Martin and the Nautilus could never match the DB Xs Mercedes AMG sourced four litre twin turbocharged v8 or it’s 542 horsepower This Lincoln can’t hit 60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds.
And it will not turn heads on rodeo drive.
I mean, it’s more at home parked in front of a Lowe’s rather than Louis Vuitton, but I am pretty impressed by what Lincoln is doing these days.
And you should be too.
The Nautilus is not a new vehicle like at all, but they have done a commendable job, sprucing it up.
2021 Nautilus is comfortable, luxurious and it offers more tech than you might expect.
In some ways, it is a clear step above the DBX, which cost what three or four times more.
So what do you think of the DBX?
Are you a fan of that new Nautilus?
Am I completely insane for comparing these two SUVs?
Yeah, probably I’am, but leave a comment or for down below.
Give a compliment or even throw some shade if you want everyone is welcome

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